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Davidson: SNP must scrap plans for second indyref

20 Juin 2017

More than three hours after polls closed in Britain's election, the first seat changed hands, with Labour winning a constituency from the Scottish National Party. The Tories also defeated the SNP's deputy leader Angus Robertson as they won seats across the country.

Ruth Davidson, whose Scottish Conservatives ejected both Mr Salmond from Gordon and Mr Robertson from Moray, said her party had enjoyed an "historic night".

Ms Davidson said yesterday that only her party was "serious" about keeping Scotland in the UK. However, despite the Scottish "Tory surge", Davidson's party still only won 29% of the vote, compared with 46% in England. First, she has reminded the Scottish people that independence is not the only issue affecting their lives.

"We saw that and we felt that".

But what we can say with some certainty is that the SNP will still be the dominant force on Friday morning.

The SNP's Pete Wishart clung on to his Perthshire seat with just 21 votes, which is not quite what he was expecting.

Sturgeon said it was "a disappointing result" for her party, two years after it won a landslide in Scotland.

The Tory success in Scotland is in stark contrast to the situation south of the border, with Theresa May losing her majority and the election resulting in a hung parliament.

Murdo Fraser, now the Conservatives' finance spokesman at Holyrood, told the BBC he had been "assured that there's not a lot of truth in this particular story". She called this election to secure a mandate for her negotiating position, and the electorate snubbed her.

"I don't think that's in the hearts and minds of Londoners at the minute, (not) almost as much as security is", said Sheard, 22.

Asked if there was a role for the SNP in a future government, Ms Sturgeon said: "There may well be, but it is perhaps too early to say that". "We have always said that we would work in alliance with others to promote progressive policies to build a fairer country", Sturgeon said.

Despite his defeat, Mr Salmond insisted that people have "not seen the last of my bonnets and me". It still remains the biggest party in Scotland, with 35 seats.

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale said she was "hugely encouraged" by the results. What difference, I wonder, would that make to the deal the 27 were prepared to offer?

"She's done very well to get where she has, but I think there is a danger that we've gone beyond the strong image with the marshalling of the troops, to her becoming nearly a parody of herself with the tank-riding and bull-riding and flag-waving", a senior SNP lawmaker said.

Amongst the many sentences I never thought I would type, I can add this: Scotland is the only bright spot for the Tories. They are now expected to claim high-profile SNP political scalps as the results come in.

What had Nicola Sturgeon pledged?

"I'm appealing to (lawmakers) from all parties to join together to try to keep Scotland and the United Kingdom in the single market. and bring some order to the negotiations".

"We will now reflect carefully on the results and move forward in the best interests of all of Scotland".

Her comments have been interpreted as a warning to May that Scottish Tory MPs could withdraw their support for the government if it continues to push for a hard Brexit.

Davidson: SNP must scrap plans for second indyref