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In Georgia, costliest US House race hits ugly note as election looms

20 Juin 2017

More than 140,000 voters had cast their ballots by the time early voting in Georgia closed Friday - another indication of sky-high turnout in the closely watched runoff for a House seat between Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel.

Handel has managed to hold Ossoff to a literal tie in the final days of the race, which is good news for her campaign.

But as small as the victory might ultimately be, the implications will likely be read as massive by the defeated party.

"I'll tell you what: I think the shooting is going to win this election for us", Carver said this weekend at a get-out-the-vote rally for Handel.

"This 6th District survey breaks down the voter's preference in the 2017 special election runoff".

The president is tweeting about Ossoff and his Republican opponent, Karen Handel, a day ahead of their matchup that is billed as a preview of the 2018 midterms.

That investment is just one of many reasons it will be hard for the GOP to spin a loss Tuesday night as insignificant, which is bound to be their take if Georgia's Republican secretary of state, Karen Handel, loses to Ossoff in an upset. "I know some of you out there, some Republicans may even be turned off by our president", said Perdue, before making the case for his boss.

In comments to reporters Monday, Handel called the commercial "disgusting", echoing a statement released by her campaign Saturday, and added that it "absolutely" should be taken off the air. Per the RCP polling average, she has surged almost 4 points in just ten days, while Ossoff has flatlined or even stumbled a bit. Most polls show the race within the margin of error. Handel was second, with 19.8 percent as the Republican vote was split between a wealth of candidates.

But as voters in the northern suburbs of Atlanta head to the polls on Tuesday, there will be nonstop news coverage analyzing what could happen and what it all means. As for the threatening letter she received, Handel said it made her "more determined than ever".

Georgia 6th Congressional District hopeful Jon Ossoff is getting help from a fellow Democrat who also tried to pull an upset in Republican territory.

Ossoff's television ads mostly frame him as a centrist who criticizes both parties in Washington for "wasteful spending" and promises to focus on developing metro Atlanta's economy. The Republican, Karen Handel, once was Georgia's secretary of state and a rising star until she suffered several high-profile losses, including a poor showing in a US Senate Republican primary.

Last month Jessica Zeigler, a precinct captain for Jon Ossoff's congressional campaign, realized that reaching millennial voters was nearly impossible.

Ossoff also has sought to make health care a defining issue, even before Price's return to the district.

But he's financed that message with a fundraising haul from outside the district, and his donor list contains far more addresses from California, New York and MA than from Georgia.

Like that health-care bill, a Handel win would resolve none of the GOP's problems, and by delaying the inevitable it would make those longer term problems still more hard and risky.

In Georgia, costliest US House race hits ugly note as election looms