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OnePlus 5 showed up in a television ad for a few seconds

20 Juin 2017

Grabbing this opportunity, OnePlus chose to run an ad campaign for their upcoming and yet-unreleased OnePlus 5. How can I watch live stream?

Tomorrow, June 20, will be a presentation 5 OnePlus - the new flagship of quite popular Chinese brand. And then the launch reveals the smartphone design entirely. In just 48 hours OnePlus 5 records crossed 300,000.

Besides, the OnePlus 5 is said to feature a bezel-free display, something that allows manufacturers to make smaller bezels than ever before, the Galaxy S8 is a prime example. The OnePlus is set to be announced on June 20 internationally and June 22 in India. OnePlus is inviting fans who have bought tickets for the event as well, and will give out codes for the OnePlus 5 as well.

Can the OnePlus 5 really break Apple and Samsung's stranglehold on the top smartphone cameras?

When a large number of Indian eyes were glued on television watching India vs Pakistan ICC Champion Trophy final match yesterday, OnePlus chose the medium to tease the launch of the much-awaited OnePlus 5 smartphone in the country.

Along with an image of the device, OnePlus also included the words, "Dual Camera". No information about a MicroSD card slot, so we'll have to wait for the official release for this. However, the use of higher quality components in the OnePlus 5 will lead to a spike in price. As with the previous model, the OnePlus 5 is an Amazon Exclusive.

OnePlus invited The Verge to its office in Shenzen, China where the publication was given some behind the scenes insight on what goes into OnePlus' smartphones, especially the OnePlus 5.

What are the specifications of the OnePlus 5? .

As you might already know by now, OnePlus 5 gets powered by a 2.35 GHz Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

Operating system: According to what we know now, both the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 3T have Android 7.1.1 based Oxygen ROM.

OnePlus 5 showed up in a television ad for a few seconds