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Prosecutors rest their case at Bill Cosby's trial

20 Juin 2017

Friday's deposition excerpts also included one in which Cosby expressed concern over being perceived as a "dirty old man" after Constand's mother called to confront him in 2005.

Entertainer Bill Cosby didn't answer when asked the question so many want to know, but his spokesman dangled the possibility.

Steele and co-prosecutors M. Stewart Ryan and Kristen Feden wrapped up their case on Friday, and defense lawyers Brian J. McMonagle and Angela C. Agrusa could begin presenting evidence on Monday. Jurors heard Cosby saying he and Constand engaged in "petting" "at least" four times at his home - each time initiated by him - and that she only rebuffed him once.

It was the release of Cosby's incriminating 2005 deposition testimony that quickly prompted his arrest. "What are they going to say if I tell them about it?" "I understand the passion from which you bring it".

Cosby himself anxious about the repercussions from public disclosure.

On Thursday, Cosby said via deposition he gave the former Temple University employee three Benadryls.

According to WHYY reporter Laura Benshoff, who spoke with NPR's All Things Considered, Constand described meeting Cosby at a Temple basketball game, where he inquired about some facilities in the women's locker room.

Cosby's team made a preemptive attack in that direction earlier today, attempting to get the case thrown out due to "bias" on the part of the state's expert witness.

Cosby insisted in a May interview that he wouldn't testify during his trial, suggesting it's tricky to be absolutely truthful on the stand given all of the expectations for a testimony. "We're over the telephone and I'm not sending anything over the mail and I'm not giving away anything".

During the deposition, Cosby told lawyers that he knew his finances could suffer if the public was told he had drugged and assaulted someone.

"We have expectations that are misguided about how people respond to traumatic events, especially sexual assault", said Valliere, who was allowed to testify in general terms but could not opine on the case itself. In a scathing address to the judge, he argued that Dr. Valliere's words were tantamount to instructing the jury to reach a certain verdict in the Cosby case.

Cosby might testify at his sexual assault trial. One was white, one green and the third pink. An analysis of the pills conducted by National Medical Services in August 2015 determined the pink pills to be Benadryl.

"Instead of giving those pills, he gives pink, not consistent with the blue", Reape said. During his trial at the Montgomery County Courthouse outside of Philadelphia today, the prosecution delved deeper into the sworn statements the comedian gave in 2005 and 2006.

Constand, who is gay, says it was not.

In her testimony, Constand said she arrived at Cosby's Philadelphia-area home to discuss her career. He said he planned to give Constand a check for graduate school, though usually he has a foundation to support sending people to college.

The meeting never took place.

Prior to the trial, Cosby's attorneys filed motions to get the expert's testimony excluded, which were also denied.

The married star of the 1980's hit television family comedy "The Cosby Show" has faced similar allegations from dozens of women.

Prosecutors rest their case at Bill Cosby's trial