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SNP MSP: Indyref2 plans cost party 'a lot of votes'

20 Juin 2017

Those losses included former leader Alex Salmond, who led Scotland in the unsuccessful bid for independence in 2014, and the SNP's top lawmaker in the British Parliament, Angus Robertson.

The narrative, however, will be of the losses from its height in the 2015 election and the question of whether another independence referendum is now more off the table than before.

"We will now reflect carefully on the results and move forward in the best interests of all of Scotland. A party that constantly misuses its veto in this way is not a party that shares Stonewall's values or the values of most people across the United Kingdom", she said.

Pete Wishart, who was the chair of the Scottish Affairs Committee in the last parliament, held on to his Perth and North Perthshire seat by just 21 votes, with Tory MEP Ian Duncan coming close to ousting him.

May called the snap general election in an attempt to strengthen her hand in forthcoming Brexit talks - and quell the nationalists' ongoing agitation for a second independence referendum. This is because so many Scottish seats are now safe for the party.

The party made huge gains across Scotland in the 2015 General Election, all but wiping out Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats north of the border; each party retained only one seat each.

The SNP won 35 seats, by some distance the party's second best ever performance in a Westminster vote. If the Scottish Conservatives do indeed end up with seats in double figures tomorrow, then Ms Sturgeon will surely have played her part in delivering them.

"SNP MPs who last night lost their seats have paid the price for what was a massive political miscalculation on Nicola Sturgeon's part".

Davidson said on Friday she believed Britain must seek "the freest trade possible" with the European Union and seek an "open Brexit, not a closed one, which puts our country's economic growth first". We have to wait and see how things shake out.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said Saturday that the Tories need to work with other parties and "look again" at how they deal with Brexit.

An SNP source said: "The scale of reversals flies in face of all [our] breathless self congratulation, I'm concerned a lot of our organisation doesn't know what it's doing if we didn't see it".

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's first minister and leader of the Scottish National Party, speaks during a news conference at Bute House in Edinburgh on June 9.

The sentiment was also noted by CNN's Nic Robertson.

In many constituencies, the SNP lost around 10-20% of their vote share, which went straight or mostly to the Tories.

"Scottish Labour will never support independence or a divisive second independence referendum.

Nicola Sturgeon has failed to achieve the "triple lock" on a second referendum, which formed the centrepiece of the SNP manifesto".

Asked to explain what she meant by "open Brexit", she said: "When I am talking about open Brexit, it is about making sure that we increase freedoms rather than increase barriers".

While Sturgeon said she was pleased the SNP had won the election in Scotland with a majority of the possible 59 seats, she admitted she was "disappointed" with the party's losses and said independence was "a factor" in the defeats.

SNP MSP: Indyref2 plans cost party 'a lot of votes'