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Stephen Curry prefers to decline White House visit if invited

20 Juin 2017

Following the Warriors' triumph in the NBA Finals, the team's official statement on a possible visit to the White House was that it has not yet been invited, and "will make those decisions when and if necessary". But "competitive" is a good deal below the benchmark set by Golden State. That's a realistic thing to say though, right?

For a brief moment, we are urging them to take into consideration the future of National Basketball Association. In the absence of Tony Parker, Mills was catapulted into a starting role for the Spurs in their Western Conference Finals clash against Golden State.

Amid the slings and arrows being lobbed at him by scorned and bitter Oklahoma City Thunder fans, "purity trolls" who decry "superteams", and even some of the NBA's current and former stars, Durant and the Warriors persisted - and conquered everybody put in their path.

But the Jazz are trying to remain internally focused on improvement.

"There is nobody having more fun than me", Warriors co-owner Joe Lacob said. "I remember plenty of times throughout my career, I continued to look in the past or look ahead, and not stay in the moment. There's a certain type of art to it".

On the other hand, Green told reporters that the t-shirt only reflects the Warriors' quick victory against the Cavs. In a series where the Cavaliers were outscored by 34 points, it is remarkable that LeBron recorded a plus/ minus of +20.

But it also seems like the sweep didn't crush the franchise.

The NBA is in a strong state and is reminiscent of the golden days when the 1980s Lakers and Celtics teams would constantly play each other in the finals.

If an average National Football League game hooked more than 20.3 million Americans to their TV sets, it goes without saying that the Super Bowl event can do even more.

"They've clearly shown how dominant they are, and we're realistic about that", Snyder told Wojnarowski.

So to conclude, we are always on the side of sports, and we have no interest in anything but that, and in this particular case, we are asking both sides to calm down and to think twice about their actions, and possible consequences. But was Durant the best overall player in the Finals? When everyone is involved, touching the ball and cutting and screening, there's a magic that happens, there's something special where guys feel empowered, their defense gets better because they're involved. Durant, the Finals MVP, has a player option after joining the Warriors last summer.

"We were winning games, but they were switching everything", he said.

The Warriors went 16-1 in the postseason and won by an average of 16 points, that sort of domination has not been seen since the 2000 Los Angeles Lakers and they had Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant.

Stephen Curry prefers to decline White House visit if invited