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Phoenix flights canceled because of heat

21 Juin 2017

Excessive heat warnings have been issued in many in many parts of California and Arizona. That month, the temperature reached 123 degrees, the hottest day since weather records have been kept in 1895.

She says it's hard to predict exactly how hot the Strip will get because the weather service does not get official readings there, but temperatures could reach somewhere between 115 and 120 degrees despite the city's airport forecast to hit 114 Monday. Las Vegas reached its peak of 117 Fahrenheit degrees (about 47 Celsius degrees) in 2013.

"You can expect this happen to more frequently as climate causes more and more extreme weather events, including extreme heat waves", Smith opined.

"For the last few days, it is very hot - I have never seen it this hot before", said Osman Sharif, who has spent the last two days loading bags in triple-digit degree heat.

Dozens of flights leaving the Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix have been canceled on this first day of summer. Flights on larger Airbus and Boeing planes were not cancelled because they are able to operate at higher maximum temperatures: 53 C for Airbus and 52 C for Boeing.

The summer average temperatures in Phoenix could be more like Kuwait City by the end of the century, making this now rare heat routine. Airlines canceled flights in Phoenix and doctors urged people to be careful around. But the hottest temperatures aren't even expected to arrive until Tuesday.

Death Valley, California, reached 127 Tuesday and Palm Springs hit 122, tying the degree for the same day past year.

According to an American Airlines statement, the planes used for these regional flights have a maximum operating temperature of 118 degrees.

The prediction for Phoenix on Tuesday is 120-degrees, a mark hit only three times in history.

Authorities warned about the dangers of heat illness and urged people to be vigilant about not leaving pets or children inside a auto for any time at all.

It was so hot on Monday that flights were delayed in the Phoenix area due to the airplane tires becoming too hot.

Brooks told the Desert Sun newspaper he didn't think lunch would be worth it, and he was hitting himself for leaving his home in nearby Cathedral City where he can stay in the air conditioning. Meteorologists regard it as a classic pre-monsoon phenomenon, indicating the heat will eventually be replaced by rain, the Weather Channel reported Tuesday.

Phoenix flights canceled because of heat