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Pregnant mother of 4 shot, killed by police in Seattle

21 Juin 2017

The officers talk about the woman previously waving large metal shears and trying to prevent officers from leaving her apartment, and making "weird statements" about her and her daughter turning into wolves. She called for support anyway.

Many have pointed out that despite having the knowledge what they were going to encounter; the police officers resorted to the most lethal way of restraining the woman even when they could have used tasers to bring her under control.

"While property crimes reports typically require only one officer to be dispatched, two officers were dispatched to this particular call for service because of a recent officer safety caution associated with the caller", a Seattle police statement said as to why the extra officer was warranted. Police on Monday evening also released a transcript of that audio that offers a clearer picture of the words exchanged before the fatal shots went off.

Seattle Police released an audio of the incident on Monday, which is disturbing to say the least.

The recording depicts officers chatting with Lyles about the burglary call.

"They didn't only take one life - they took two lives". Soon after, the confrontation escalated, and officers began shouting at the woman to "get back" before gunshots rang out.

"We need help", and "Get back!"

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and police Chief Kathleen O'Toole said the incident will be internally investigated and reviewed by the department's Force Investigation Team and the Office of Professional Accountability. Lyles's sister, Monika Williams, told the Seattle Times.

Dozens gathered outside the apartment building later Sunday to mourn Lyles.

"We are here today grieving over another devastating encounter between the African-American community and the police", Murray said.

30yr Black woman called cops for help.

The issue of tension and lack of trust between law enforcement officials and racial minorities has been studied, debated, and analyzed for years.

Solid Ground Communications Director Mark Buchman said trauma counselors were working with residents. She let them in and then she started talking all insane about how she, the officers weren't gonna leave.

Charleena Lyles lived there with her four children. A cousin of a mother who was shot and killed by Seattle police has questioned why.

In other words, those two officers brought a bulldozer into a situation that required a full set of precision tools.

The woman's family added that they believe race played a factor in the killing.

Shooting and killing a pregnant woman, with known mental health challenges, in front of her young children, should only happen as an absolute last resort.

Family members said Lyles was three months pregnant and struggled with mental health issues.

"My thoughts are with the many people impacted, including three children and the responding officers", he said.

The shooting occurred as Seattle police are under federal oversight following a 2011 investigation that found officers were too quick to use force.

However, social justice advocates claim that Lyles's death symbolizes a failure of those reforms. Family members later identified the woman as Charleena Lyles.

Two officers arrived and police say Ms Lyles had a knife. Although subsequent reforms to the department succeeded in lowering the number of incidents involving moderate and high-level force by a staggering 60 percent, cases like that of Lyles' prove that there is still much improvement to be made.

Pregnant mother of 4 shot, killed by police in Seattle