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GOP eyes Senate health care vote next week, amid grumbling

22 Juin 2017

Legislation to repeal major portions of Obamacare and replace them with a new healthcare system will be enacted into law within months, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence said on Tuesday. But acknowledged he doesn't know what's in the Senate bill, even though the Blue plans he represents as chairman of the association insure one-third of all Americans.

The Senate vote on a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act is, according to conventional wisdom, one week away.

Paul doesn't believe McConnell will have the votes to pass the measure and will have to re-negotiate it.

But some Republican senators who were supposed to help write the bill have even been critical of the process.

The trick has been crafting legislation that appeals to conservatives without alienating moderates. Support for the House bill has also declined among Republicans, from 67 percent in April to 56 percent in June.

Senator John Thune of South Dakota and Majority Whip John Cornyn exited a meeting of the Senate GOP caucus Tuesday afternoon and told reporters that there is now no consensus among members on what the final version of the bill ought to look like. During the presser, Buchanan said, "The American people have the right to know what's going on, especially on something that's going to impact everybody whether you're two, or 102".

Udall and Heinrich warned of dire implications for New Mexico under the House bill, especially for Medicaid recipients.

"I think we'll have ample opportunity to read and amend the bill", said McConnell.

Instead, the lawmaker said, the legislation is being put together by the staffers of the Senate's GOP establishment leaders.

Republicans are also becoming increasingly frustrated with the secrecy surrounding the drafting of the bill. The Senate is writing its own draft of the bill, and Heller says his vote depends on what the changes are. Mike Lee, a Utah Republican, posted a Facebook message Tuesday to his constituents, who have been asking about the Senate bill. "I say to the Republican leadership: What are you afraid of?"

The procedures McConnell will use will let Senate Republicans pass the bill as long as no more than two of the 52 GOP senators oppose it.

The senators used the auto time to compare the ratification process for Obamacare to the ACHA's process so far. On Tuesday, three Democratic senators hailed a cab from the Capitol to the CBO office, where the agency has already begun to analyze pieces of the plan.

Most Republicans said they were waiting until the text was released to say whether they would support the bill. He says since almost 60 percent of Nevadans already have health insurance through their employers, it could strip them of their policies. If all goes as planned, a final vote could occur by the end of next week, the aides said. "They can't even whisper what it's about they are so, so ashamed of it".

"The president clearly wants a bill that has heart in it", press secretary Sean Spicer said on Tuesday.

They said unresolved questions included how to make sure the subsidies can't be used for policies that provide abortions and how fast they can repeal tax boosts Obama levied on high earners and medical companies to finance his statute's expanded coverage. "These are merely the first steps we're prepared to take in order to shine a light on this shameful Trumpcare bill and reveal to the public the GOP's true intentions: to give the uber-wealthy a tax break while making middle class Americans pay more for less health care coverage".

GOP eyes Senate health care vote next week, amid grumbling