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Watch The Bachelorette season 13, episode 6 online

27 Juin 2017

While the other guys are playing games with Rachel, trying to win her over, Lee and Kenny are back at their new hotel preparing for what's sure to be an interesting two-on-one.

This episode was packed with a ton as Rachel went on ANOTHER one-on-one date - don't worry this one was with hot Bryan (so obviously it was a success).

Also, according to The Bachelorette spoiler guru Reality Steve, Lee gets eliminated after the two-on-one date. Dean is one of seven guys from Rachel's season who will appear on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise. The drama continues at the after-party wherein one bachelor creates problems. Yup, the drama was palpable nearly immediately as contestants Lee and Kenny faced off, once again, while vying for Rachel Lindsay's heart.

Will said he didn't think Kenny "meant to play the race card".

There was a game, blah, blah, Peter got "handsy" with Rachel, Will scored a bunch of goals, Will's team won. He repeatedly urges her to "just look at me". Ben was concerned that Lauren was too good for him before they got engaged (turns out he was kind of right.) JoJo was smitten with her eventual fiance, Jordan Rodgers, right off the bat but second-guessed their connection all the way through her season, just like Rachel is with Bryan. She is more mature than nearly every other lead put together.

While arguing by some lovely boats, Kenny calls Lee a "disingenuous snake" for telling Rachel that Kenny has an aggression issue.

"Lawyer Rach" finally came out to take the guys to court, but instead of asking producers to ROLL THE F**KING TAPES, she more delicately went in for Kenny's testimony. Kenny unwisely needs to have another "discussion" with Lee, and while he speaks to Lee in a voice usually reserved for hostage negotiatiors and lion tamers, what's the point? Lee drama. As the tension between the former friends was still apparent in the mansion, Will made a decision to pull Lee aside in order to explain to him why he was coming off as, you know, racist.

Back inside, Will breaks things down for Lee: All Kenny wants to hear from him is nothing. Rachel comes to join the men thanking them for their patience and understanding. "Bryan has this confidence that is very contagious and it's very sexy", she continued.

"It's always frustrating to be told you aren't wanted".

But Kenny assures Lee that if he were aggressive, everyone would know it. Lee says he is there to mess with everybody and it's working.

From a testosterone-filled evening to a seriously smiley date, we head to Rachel's one-on-one date with Jack Stone, the attorney who's so excited about life that he's basically Jim Carrey in any 90's movie.

They arrive at Shuckin and Shaggin, where they shuck oysters. Before long they realize they're in over their heads, but they're ready to try and impress Rachel.

Lindsay said she felt like he doesn't ask questions about her.

It's hard to define what makes him so creepy, but if we were to see him doing a serial killer perp-walk, it somehow would not be surprising. The best part of this is when Adam (who I totally forgot was from Dallas) says, "She's gotten a glimpse [of Adam]; she's gotten a snack". Did he feel like "punch you in the face" would just sound too boring? He admits to yelling at Lee, which Rachel appreciates.

In the rose ceremony, Rachel also says goodbye to Iggy and Jonathan, a.k.a.

Lee feels Kenny is using the race card when he gets mad, but Will disagrees saying Kenny was just offended by the word. As for whether the trip will bring Rachel closer to any of her suitors, you'll have to tune in to find out as ABC's two-night event comes to a close!

Jack Stone scores the first one-on-one date with Rachel, which starts off OK but ultimately gets...really weird.

Not much else notable occurs, other than Dean - the smiley fan favorite and legit contender for Rachel's heart - wearing a jock strap outside of his uniform, which isn't how that works.

Watch The Bachelorette season 13, episode 6 online