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Pak PM's daughter forged papers: Probe

13 Juillet 2017

Sharif, who is now on his third-term having been ousted twice in the past, found himself under investigation following the historic Panama Papers leak previous year.

Sharif's discomfiture may strengthen the army, which is already the de facto government, and any passing of power into the hands of the Pakistan army will only help heighten the crisis in Kashmir.

The court ordered that its copies should be provided to the parties in the case, including Sharif family.

The report alleges the Sharifs' businesses alone are not enough to explain the family's wealth, which includes flats in an upscale London borough. "The language used in the JIT report depicts mala fide", he said, adding that nobody would be allowed to derail the journey of success.

"Pakistanis on Twitter were quick to mock the Sharif family's lapse of judgment, and the hashtag #CalibriGate soon went viral, with tweets like, "Always do corruption in Arial", "#Calibri is our very own Covfefe", and "Cause of Death: "Calibri".

The daughter of Pakistan's prime minister has become subject of ridicule in her home country after forensic experts cast doubts on documents central to her defence against corruption allegations.

The identity of the legal beneficiaries has formed part of the probe, and the documents were meant to show that Maryam, who is Sharif's presumptive political heir, was a trustee only.

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said on Wednesday that he would neither quit nor dissolve the National Assembly. To prove her point, she produced a trust deed signed by both her and her brother dated February 2006.

Microsoft's Calibri font was used to type certified papers naming Sharif's daughter Maryam as a trustee for several of the family's high-end London properties. Because of that tiny font choice, they concluded that some documents were falsified in an effort to hide income.

Maryam Nawaz has denied any wrongdoing.

Their reason for this allegation: The text in the document was written in "Calibri" font, which was not commercially available before January 30, 2007. He says over the years he has been asked for information about when the font was released in relation to more than a dozen cases of alleged fraud. Apparently, there were first internal beta versions in use since August 2004.

The JIT report said, "She had been receiving heavy gifts from Rs 73.5 million [$700,000] to Rs 830.73 million [$7,900,000] within period of 2009-2016".

He rejected the invitation, saying he was not subject to Pakistani law, but invited investigators to visit him in the Qatari capital Doha to record a statement.

Pak PM's daughter forged papers: Probe