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Prime Day Breaks Amazon Sales Records

13 Juillet 2017

As Shira Ovide at Bloomberg points out, if Amazon's invented holiday had a material impact the company's bottom line, it would be required to disclose the day's revenue. Again, Amazon doesn't release a specific membership count; the most recent estimates peg the number at 85 million members in the US. PlayStation Plus memberships were popular in France, Belgium, Austria, and Germany, while folks in Spain were tempted more toward hardware: the Moto G 5th-gen was popular there, as was Lenovo Ideapad 310. And the company promises this year will be no different, with hundreds of thousands of deals for Prime members all over the globe. The Amazon Echo 2 will have some leeway when it comes to pricing.

Office Depot told its customers that in a 48-hour event, they could save up to 70% on Monday and Tuesday.

The Alexa deals today offer discounts of up to 40%.

"To those customers who tried Prime for the first time and our long time members, thank you for a great Prime Day".

Recode notes that Amazon has been marketing its Prime service not just to higher-income families my but also lower-income Americans adding discounts to those on government assistance as well as offering a monthly payment option for those not wanting to pay the $99 annual fee. Amazon did not comment on what effect the additional six hours of shopping time had on it year-over-year comparison.

Even if Amazon dissipates money on these shocking speaker sales, the company still gets a grip for its Alexa platform to become more connected to shoppers. The Seattle-based company uses the July sales event to promote Prime membership and convert the occasional Amazon shopper into a devotee. Tech giants from Amazon to Apple are betting big on voice computing, which experts say is the future of the field. is back to normal after the extended 30 hour Prime Day 2017 sale.

Amazon prime day 2017 has already started and they have the best deals for you.

We don't yet know much about what the Prime Day offers will be.

Amazon also had "record sales" of its Amazon Fire tablet computer and Kindle reader.

Amazon is working on a new Echo that's shorter and thinner than the existing Echo, says a source speaking to Engadget. In the United Kingdom, it was the TP-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug and Sony PlayStation 4.

Prime Day Breaks Amazon Sales Records