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Trump Meeting With French President Macron In Paris

13 Juillet 2017

While Trump's messaging style is shoot-from-the-hip and unpredictable, Macron's is calculated and strategic. He has in mind being apart a bit, which allows him to strengthen his leadership.

Macron, elected in May, has called for giving the euro zone a single finance minister and a common budget - a proposal that has been met with caution by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and suspicion in Berlin that German taxpayers might be left having to shoulder common debts.

Trump was due to meet later that afternoon with Macron and hold a joint press conference. Despite Trump's deep unpopularity in Europe, including France, a BFM Television poll on Wednesday found that almost 60% of French support Macron's decision to invite Trump.

Macron hopes to influence USA policy or, at the least, help avoid serious strains between the European Union and Washington with tensions over climate change and trade, as Trump was openly critical of the EU.

Former French President François Hollande angrily reacted to Trump's remarks, and said the then-presidential hopeful was showing "disrespect to an ally".

A White House official on Tuesday said Trump and Macron would discuss the civil war in Syria, where Islamic State is defending its last major urban stronghold of Raqqa, and counter-terrorism.

Macron may try to firm up Trump's stance as Western powers seek solutions to the crisis in Ukraine and Syria where Russian Federation has been heavily involved. "It's not impossible", Joannin said.

Accompanied by First Lady Melania Trump, the 71-year-old hopes the visit will distract from weighty allegations that his family and inner circle colluded with Russian Federation to win the 2016 U.S. election.

American climate advocates say they're optimistic about Macron's approach. They are geared primarily at protesting Macron's proposed laws at loosening labor protections, with Trump's visit only a marginal issue at the events.

The French-American relationship goes beyond the heads of state.

"He may like a good parade", Le Corre quipped, noting Trump and Macron are expected to attend a Bastille Day parade together.

"Probably on this aspect the French president will want to remind [Trump] of the worldwide engagement", de Marcilly suggested.

Once again, France faces urgent threats - this time from terrorist attacks.

So Mr. Trump's decision to accept the invitation startled some of his aides.

In February he said that a friend, who he named only as Jim, had stopped going to the French capital because "Paris is no longer Paris". Macron, a staunch advocate of research to combat global warming, has beckoned "all responsible citizens", including American scientists and researchers, to bring their fight against climate change to France.

"Trump will not change his opinion regarding this [climate] matter".

"You know, Macron and the president have somewhat different views on how to achieve the end goal, but I think the end goal is the same", Cohn said.

Time will tell which leader's ideas for economic growth, national security, immigration, and climate change will work best for their proud citizenries. But even though the parties of both men control their respective legislatures, Trump's chronic troubles at home make him far less likely to advance an agenda that's comparatively as ambitious as Macron's, Rosenberg said.

Trump Meeting With French President Macron In Paris