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Trump wanted to collude, but did Putin — LEONID BERSHIDSKY

13 Juillet 2017

Sen. Kaine and others may have gone to law school, but their political prejudices have clearly become quick to cloud their rational legal judgments.

On July 24, 2016, a little more than a month after his meeting with the Russian lawyer, and two days after WikiLeaks began releasing Clinton campaign emails thought to be hacked by Russian intelligence operatives, Trump Jr. expressed his indignation at the charge from Democrats that Russians were helping his father's campaign. "What happens with the Russia investigation is going to happen, it shouldn't interfere with what we do". When the New York Times first reported on his meeting with the Russian lawyer, he said it was primarily about adoption - conveniently leaving out that the meeting was arranged as a means to obtain Russian government dirt on Hillary Clinton.

As Joe Scarborough summed up, "Hilary Clinton didn't go to Wisconsin, but the Russians did". Richard Painter, who served as White House ethics chief under George W Bush, wrote that such behavior could amount to treason. In that initial statement, Trump Jr. portrayed the meeting as an opportunity to talk about a Russian adoption program.

Speaking of recalling, as you said, the meeting took place before the story about Russian involvement with the campaign exploded.

"If it's what you say I love it", Trump Jr responded. In subsequent emails, it was explicit that he would meet with a "Russian government attorney" in order to get the information. The suggestion that it might violate campaign law to accept information - as a "thing of value" - would raise significant constitutional questions while trivializing the conduct, which is egregious because of the nature of the relationship, not the money value of the information.

Similarly, in Jackson and Piketon, Ohio, Donald Trump Jr.'s troubles appeared to strengthen support for his father and Trump family members who many in the area see as embattled victims.

To accept the facts would be to acknowledge that the American president needed a foreign adversary's help to win the election, tainting his legitimacy and creating an unprecedented crisis. In this case, too, he unashamedly spoke his mind, doing just what his voters admired.

We do like that P.R. guy, Rob Goldstone, who also announced on Facebook when he checked into Trump Tower for the secret meeting.

"We never had any contact with this lawyer", said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Media, you will no longer be able to warn me about anything. "So I'm reflecting my district by pretty much not paying attention".

His website says that his "rock star good looks" have made him "a household name in Russia". "That dream died on Tuesday". The White House said the December meeting was to establish "a line of communication".

Mr Trump has replaced a swamp with a quagmire, into which he seems to be slipping ever deeper.

During the first face-to-face meeting between the leaders of the United States and Russia, a cease-fire agreement in parts of Syria was struck in a bid to curb the bloodshed that has impacted both sides in the war-torn Middle East nation.

And they hardly needed some real-life James Bond to uncover that reality either; it was the email accounts of Ms. Clinton's campaign manager and the Democratic National Committee that got hacked and helped provide the Russians with material to manipulate the electorate (along with some "fake news" spread via Twitter-bots, all of it attacking Ms. Clinton).

Trump wanted to collude, but did Putin — LEONID BERSHIDSKY