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Two Large Studies Offer Fresh Evidence of Coffee's Health Benefits

13 Juillet 2017

Experts believe the antioxidant plant compounds in coffee rather than caffeine are responsible for the life-extending effect. "However, if I didn't already drink coffee, I'm not sure that they would persuade me to take it up for the good of my health". The same pattern was found in 520,000 Europeans based in 10 countries spread across the continent.

This decrease in mortality was even greater - 18 percent - for those who drank two to three cups a day.

While noting that positive outcomes were seen for both decaf and non-decaf drinkers, the researchers weren't able to confirm that the relationship between improved health and coffee consumption was causal - the two factors could merely be correlated.

Frustratingly for coffee fiends, the findings really are not as clear-cut as they might first seem.

The study showed that the type of coffee was irrelevant.

More research needs to be done in order to definitively determine whether coffee can fight disease.

Many individuals try to curb their coffee intake, or kick the habit altogether, but specialists still maintain that avid coffee drinkers aren't at risk of any kind of health problems due to regular consumption - and that anything below five cups a day is A-okay. After surveying over 185,000 African-Americans, Native Americans, Hawaiians, Japanese-Americans, Latinos and whites, the researchers found that coffee increases longevity across various races.

These people had various causes of death, such as cancer, stroke, or heart failure.

These studies give a whole new definition to coffee consumption.

Previous studies have shown conflicting and often contradictory results. "Now we can tell people to drink their coffee and be happy". So, it's possible people could have just happened to have gone through a coffee-heavy phase during the study, only to change their habits later. "But the basic idea is that we are increasingly reassured that coffee is not harmful". Trends were similar between caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee.

The 200mg caffeine limit could be reached by having two mugs of tea and a can of cola, for example, or two cups of instant coffee. So there have been a ton of studies comparing coffee drinkers to those weirdos who don't touch the stuff. Coffee also helps the liver, especially if you are consuming a lot of alcoholic beverages.

In a subset of 14,000 people, they also analysed metabolic biomarkers, and found that coffee drinkers may have healthier livers overall and better glucose control than non-coffee drinkers. Indeed, studies are never as clear-cut as they appear.

Two Large Studies Offer Fresh Evidence of Coffee's Health Benefits