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China says upholds United Nations sanctions as North Korea trade rises

14 Juillet 2017

USA president Donald Trump recently claimed on Twitter that China-DPRK trade surged a whopping 40-percent in Q1, which sparked widespread concerns over China's true stance on issues related to North Korea. The Obama administration distributed federal funds to the USA government-backed Voice of America and Radio Free Asia from October 2016 to produce programs for a North Korean audience about consumer riches and rosy lifestyles in the West.

At this critical time, all options - including military action - must be on the table.

It has urged everyone not to "add fuel to the fire" on the Korean Peninsula, rather than just shift responsibility to China. As a recent example, North Korea announced the successful launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile on July 4.

Geng argued that China had been making unremitting efforts and had played a constructive role with respect to the North Korea issue. In particular, the city of Dandong, located in the northeastern province of Liaoning, aides in the sale of machinery that the North can use to make its bombs and missiles as well as a financing arm for the North's weapons program.

In addition to deepening its engagement with Seoul, Russia has used diplomacy to press North Korea to desist from further aggression towards Japan and South Korea.

The US falsely accused Saddam Hussein of possession of weapons of mass destruction.

The recent intensification of tensions between Russian Federation and the United States over North Korea can be explained by two factors.

Trump must be aware that if the United States' global isolation becomes deeper, it could have a smaller voice and its influence on the North Korea issue may be restricted.

Meantime, Pyongyang has warned any military confrontation will "inevitably lead the United States to self-destruction", and vowed to "turn America into a pile of ash".

The western media and on-payroll experts reasoned callously against showing strategic patience with Hussein, putting Iraq and the wider Middle East on the irreversible path of death and destruction with no obvious benefits for the USA, the West and the World. It also seeks to blacklist the top 10 Chinese importers of North Korean items. Artillery dating back to the Second World war, which the North has plenty of, can easily reach Seoul and create untold carnage, with very little that could be done to prevent it. Needless to say, the response of the United States and its allies including that of the western media would have been totally implosive!

Senior US officials say that a new round of sanctions related to North Korea is imminent.

But whatever the genesis of the administration's China policy, the White House is arriving at a juncture in the road where it must either accept that Xi Jinping has no intention of breaking with the status-quo or grant the Chinese a few more months to prove that they are indeed interested in being a more constructive player in the game. May the gods help us. Powerful pro-west media has invested huge resources in building an anti-Islam media empire and a vast public base that follow anti-Muslim news.

The second prong of Russia's containment strategy has focused on convincing South Korea to withdraw from US -led security measures that provoke Pyongyang.

Brown said he expected China to continue with its subtle, if ultimately ineffective, balancing act that involves sporadically applying pressure - such as the ban on North Korean coal imports introduced in February after the assassination of Kim Jong Un's half-brother - and observing "some of" the sanctions on Pyongyang.

"A plan to establish a tourism company in China has already been permitted by the North Korean Embassy in Shenyang and is awaiting Pyongyang's final approval", a source in China familiar with the situation told Daily NK.

China says upholds United Nations sanctions as North Korea trade rises