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Russian Federation urges to make step backwards from 'red line' on Korean Peninsula

14 Juillet 2017

Notably, China's coal imports from North Korea dropped precipitously, with only 2.7 million tons being shipped in the first half of 2017, down 75 percent from 2016. Moreover, their regime continues to grow bolder in their threats and responses, especially to truculent language from Donald Trump and his administration.

He had pledged to reopen joint commercial projects with the North, including Kaesong, but has modified that position by saying there must first be progress on suspending North Korea's nuclear program.

The survey took place not long after North Korea "successfully" launched what it claimed to be an intercontinental ballistic missile, the Hwasong-14, timed to coincide with the Fourth of July.

"It has nothing to do with creating income for DPRK nuclear programmes, so it is not on the sanctions list", Mr Geng told a regular news briefing.

Other performers included the pop group Chongbong Band, the State Merited Chorus and the Wangjaesan Art Troupe.

Ri Sol-Ju was photographed by the North Korean leader's side during a banquet in Pyongyang paying tribute to the developers of the recently launched missile.

Washington's inaction in taking the opportunity to get rid of one of the world's living ruthless leaders confirms Admiral Harry Harris' statement that the USA wanted "to bring Kim Jong Un to his senses, not his knees". This is in violation of the UN Resolution, but Europe has been sluggish to punish companies whose only crime was renting land owned by Kim Jong-un. State television last week aired footage of a rally in Pyongyang marking the occasion, and this week showed video of Kim attending a concert lauding the launch.

"The American bastards must be quite unhappy after closely watching our strategic decision". The Intelligence Committee added, "We aren't certain yet, but considering the lack of a heat-resistant warhead shield in the experiment, it appears that the North has not succeeded in developing reentry technology". A quid pro quo might be a suspension of those exercises in return for the suspension of North Korea's nuclear and missile activities.

Tensions between North Korea, Japan and South Korea came to breaking point after Kim claimed it is now "a piece of cake" to drop a nuke on the US on South Korea. It reportedly flew for 37 minutes, according to U.S. Pacific Command.

"This is a distorted picture", China's ambassador to the United States, Cui Tiankai, said in a speech to a Washington think tank on Monday. He said, while this is undesirable, "We're not going to discount whatever steps are necessary to stop what the United States believes is an existential threat to not just our nation but to our allies..."

No confirmation was reported that the missile re-entered Earth's atmosphere intact.

Russian Federation urges to make step backwards from 'red line' on Korean Peninsula