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Sir Carter and Rumi pictured for first time — Beyonce

14 Juillet 2017

Although Rumi and Sir Carter were born on June 14, Beyonce and Jay-Z have kept quiet about their twins arrivals.

Beyonce, 35, announced in a February 1 Instagram post that she and husband Jay Z, 47, were expecting.

Not surprisingly, the new portrait drove Beyonce's fans straight to social media to gush.

Payne tweeted: "Thanks man hope he grows with an ounce of your courage!"

Aside from their domestic situation, the couple is doing great and so is their family.

In just one hour, the post was liked by almost two million people.

"I don't care what the menu says, fries should come WITH my burger, not as a separate entree".

And when Blue arrived, the stars wanted to be the first to share pictures of the young Carter prodigy before the paparazzi could scoop them. Instead, she said her boyfriend read through the dictionary.

Forgive the Beyhive if they are tired on Friday. It was posted to her Instagram account Thursday night. "Paltrow told Oprah: "[Apple] sounded so sweet and it conjured such a lovely picture for me. "Nah sis, we're wide awake (sic)".

Now, the Lemonade singer has finally unveiled the newborns to the world in a glorious picture!

"Things start happening that the public can see", he continued.

Have something to add in the story? The singer got personal, addressing all the elephants in the room.

Beyoncé has graced the Bey Hive with the first photo of her twins.

Sir Carter and Rumi pictured for first time — Beyonce