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Trump allies pushing RNC to cover legal fees of Russia investigations

14 Juillet 2017

Regardless of the implications of this information, the press's ability to expose a private meeting of public interest is a reminder to elected officials and aspiring politicians that untoward conduct carried out in the dark will likely be brought to light.

"You don't need 2,000 miles of wall because you have a lot of natural barriers", Trump said to reporters on Air Force One during his flight to Paris.

It is time to set aside partisan politics and acknowledge that Russia's attempt to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election is unprecedented in this country's history and gravely troubling.

He said of the constant drumbeat of Russia allegations, "It's making Trump stronger".

The RNC does keep a legal defense fund that predates the Trump-Russia investigation, but it is typically used for legal defenses for the party itself rather than individual members.

Those subtle shifts in the President's account are notable for several reasons: He describes the meeting as told to him by Trump Jr., and he claims he learned about it days after it was first written up in the New York Times.

The son's response to the invitation, "I love it", will become the iconic summation of the Trump apparat's attitude toward the assistance the president received from Vladimir Putin's regime. Some in Trump's orbit are pushing the Republican National Committee to bear the costs, said three people with knowledge of the situation, including one who euphemistically described the debate as a "robust discussion".

During her June stay in Washington, D.C., Veselnitskaya also attended a screening of a pro-Russian film at the Newseum, which five congressional staffers and State Department officials also attended.

During last year's campaign, Bennett recalled, "do you know how many times people came to him and said, 'That was lethal, you're never going to survive it'?"

From left, Emin Agalarov, Donald Trump and Aras Agalarov give a press conference before the final show of the Miss Universe 2013 pageant in Moscow, Russia, Oct. 9, 2013. Moreover, it seems clear that Attorney General Jeff Sessions violated federal laws that prohibit lying to Congress in not truthfully answering questions about his contacts with Russia. "I think they passed it 61 times, repeal and replace, but that didn't mean anything because you had the minority, the Republicans, they didn't have the majority so it wasn't going to get to the President, but if it ever did, Obama wasn't going to sign it", Trump told Robertson. Forbes also reports that Crocus Group "has close ties to the Russian government" and was awarded contracts from state-affiliated agencies. A spokesman for the Senate Judiciary Committee said the letter hasn't been sent.

Trump's relationship with Macron has been marked by clashes on policy, awkward assertions of machismo and Trump's seeming preference for Macron's election challenger, Marine Le Pen.

According to Forbes, Crocus ran a number of trade fairs, but has expanded into developing luxury buildings and shopping malls.

Trump's comments in Paris, in advance of the country's Bastille Day celebration Friday, marked yet another instance in which a domestic controversy has followed him abroad.

French President Emmanuel Macron welcomes President Donald Trump before their meeting at the Elysee Palace in Paris on July 13. There was no Russia fever back then, that was at the beginning of the campaign, more or less. You have done a FANTASTIC job.

"Here we know what our disagreements are" he said through a translator.

"It really is a great country". The two men have known each other for decades, and both are hard-charging, prideful and brash. But that is not enough.

Trump allies pushing RNC to cover legal fees of Russia investigations