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You're in such good shape, Trump tells first lady of France

14 Juillet 2017

"I think all around he's going to have a pretty good time in France", Sire says.

The two leaders were asked about their respective nations' relations with Russian Federation, whom recently interfered in the national elections of both countries.

Five of the 145 USA troops marching in Friday's parade wore period World War I uniforms; Trump saluted the detachment as it passed.

Along with Macron, Trump will be attending the Bastille Day military parade this morning on the Champs Élysée. "Beautiful." Meanwhile, Brigitte Macron touched Melania Trump's elbow and steps closer to her.

Trump and President Macron famously exchanged an awkward handshake earlier this year, and following their exchange Macron admitted the aggressive handshake was "not innocent".

Trump made the comments to Macron during a visit to Les Invalides museum in Paris on Thursday, where the tomb of Napoleon is held.

They initially struggled to make contact in an attempt to shake hands with the correct hand, so resorted to a kiss on the cheek before trying again with their left hands.

It was the president's most detailed remarks since his Donald Trump Jr. released emails revealing that he had met with Veselnitskaya past year after an entertainment publicist hold him the lawyer had damaging information about Hillary Clinton that came from the Russian government.

Trump, while addressing a press conference along with Macron, defended his son and said there was nothing unusual in that meeting.

"Something could happen with respect to the Paris accord", he said. The focal point of the trip however will be the meeting between Macron and Trump at the Elysée Palace.

Last month he had said the USA would withdraw from the Paris accord, citing moves to negotiate a new "fair" deal that would not disadvantage U.S. businesses.

"My son is a wonderful young man who took a meeting with a Russian lawyer - not a Russian government lawyer but a Russian lawyer", Trump said.

You're in such good shape, Trump tells first lady of France