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Trump and Macron's Parting Handshake Looked Like a Literal Nightmare

15 Juillet 2017

It was Macron, who at 39 is modern France's youngest president, whose handshake with Trump left both men with white knuckles and clenched jaws. There, U.S. soldiers joined the traditional military parade, a bow to the centennial of the entry of U.S. soldiers into World War I, fighting and dying alongside the French, and to French-U.S. friendship. It is the biggest pediatric hospital in Paris. On Thursday, she returned to her old stomping grounds as first lady of the United States, wearing couture Christian Dior and dining on steak and soufflé at a gourmet Eiffel Tower restaurant with the French President and first lady.

Mrs. Trump smiles pleasantly as Mrs. Macron moves closer to her side and cups her elbow.

Trump clearly appreciates his treatment by the leader of France because of the hostile nature of certain media outlets in America - and the endless saga of undermining his presidency by focusing on the role of Russia in the electoral affairs of America.

French President Emmanuel Macron has ridden in an open-top camouflaged military vehicle surrounded by cavalry as he reviewed the troops along the Champs-Elysees avenue.

The visit follows revelations this week that Trump's eldest son appeared to welcome Russian help in the US election.

The moment was captured on video, posted on the French government's Facebook page and picked up by media in the U.S. Trump made no remarks at the conclusion of the parade, but he returned the kindness in a statement released as Air Force One flew back to the U.S.

The President Of The United States is a man who thinks he has the right to comment on and touch women inappropriately.

After a Bastille Day celebration in Paris that put the United States at the center of festivities, French President Emmanuel Macron has arrived in the Riviera city of Nice for commemorations one year after the terror attack that killed 86 revelers. "It's called opposition research, or even research into your opponent", Trump said.

Macron and Trump both came to office as unlikely outsider candidates.

Like the Trumps, there is an age difference between the Macrons. - Macron started his own political movement just over a year ago.

Whether the enigmatic Jim exists is unclear.

Trump, Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other world leaders huddled last week in Hamburg, Germany, during a summit of the world's leading rich and developing nations.

The document has become public in response to a government watchdog group's lawsuit.

The court said the pictures were "obscene for showing people fleeing to escape death or about to die". And if becoming Europe's Trump whisperer has to be a part of it, he seems willing to grit his teeth, smile winningly, and pitch right in. And it's largely due to a grand underlying agenda that may not be immediately apparent to the American President.

President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron hold a news conference Thursday in Paris.

Trump and Macron's Parting Handshake Looked Like a Literal Nightmare