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US Democrats introduce new bill on Russia and Iran sanctions

15 Juillet 2017

"In an effort to prevent President Trump from following through on the policies for which the American people voted, Senate democrats are putting his nominations through time- consuming parliamentary procedures not seen by the previous Administration", it said. On Thursday, they said they thought it could advance soon but on Friday said the North Korea issue made that less likely. I have an idea: "pass the new sanctions law", tweeted Michael McFaul, a former USA ambassador to Russian Federation from 2012 to 2014.

But House Republican leaders raised procedural objections to the bill after it passed the Senate and demanded revisions - including one that effectively removed that guarantee, prompting House Democrats this week to threaten to block the bill from moving forward.

Accusations that Moscow meddled in the election and colluded with the Trump campaign have dominated Trump's first months in office.

Congress drafted the sanctions bill to backstop then-President Barack Obama's administration efforts to reprimand Russian Federation after the election interference.

"This is not controversial; Russian officials involved in interfering in our elections past year must not be allowed to get away with it", said Deutch.

The lopsidedness of that vote signified that there is overwhelming support across the country for a much tougher stance on Russian Federation, and, equally, that lawmakers of both parties have no confidence in Donald Trump's judgment on the subject of Russian Federation.

But many of Trump's fellow Republicans said they wanted to move ahead nonetheless to send a strong message to Russian Federation.

Still, Trump does have a point that his nominees have taken longer, on average, to win confirmation than any of his predecessors' picks - although it isn't dramatically longer than what Barack Obama's nominees faced in 2009.

"There is no issue, except do they want to pass a Russian Federation sanctions bill or not?"

Emails reveal Trump Jnr was offered Kremlin help to defeat Clinton. Bob Corker of Tennessee, the Republican chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, heralded the review requirement as the proper exercise of congressional authority.

Ryan, the top-ranking Republican in Congress, told a news conference he supported that.

"Look, I'm not going into hypotheticals, only because I think it's important that we get to the bottom of all of this", Ryan said.

"What happened with Donald Trump Jr. just underscores how Russian Federation was operating", said senator Ben Cardin, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Earlier this week, Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) filed an article of impeachment alleging that Trump obstructed justice in firing James Comey as FBI director amid the agency's investigation into the campaign's ties to Russian Federation.

"Only 2 of President Trump's 23 judicial nominations have actually been confirmed by the Senate".

Senator Ron Wyden, a Democratic member of the intelligence committee, said it was odd that senior members of Trump's campaign attended the meeting but that Trump himself said he knew nothing about it until recently.

Schumer, as usual, had a response: "It's typical of the Trump administration: do something wrong and then blame someone else for your problem". We've got to ask about this.

"There has been some assertion that we are holding up the bill", the Maryland Democrat told reporters.

"My son is a wonderful young man".

Ways & Means committee member Bill Pascrell Jr., D-N.J., said he has counted more than 20 GOP members who have told their constituents that they think the president should release his tax returns - words that Pascrell argued mean nothing if they are not willing to vote to force the issue.

So was she charging that Trump Jr., Kushner, and Manafort violated those laws-or saying they might have?

US Democrats introduce new bill on Russia and Iran sanctions