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Amazon 'Anytime' messenger touted as an all-in-one app

17 Juillet 2017

Amazon is aiming to move in on the turf of Apple and others with a new all-in-one messaging app called Anytime. Amazon has spent some time carrying out multiple surveys from customers to find out what more the company can bring. People are addicted to these Messaging apps as they can send and receive instant replies from their friends and other users.

Are you surprised that Amazon is making a move on the messaging app market? Also, this messaging app coming from Amazon is said to be able to perform tasks such as ordering food, playing games, groups.

Its survey also flags on one point that Amazon app Anytime keeps users chat private and encrypt important messages. It also isn't clear how prominent the Amazon branding would be - Twitch noticeably doesn't feature Amazon's name or colours on its site. In the image, Amazon has referred to @mentions feature that allows faster photo sharing and video chat while group messaging., Inc. (AMZN) Testing A Messaging App Called Anytime
Amazon may be working on a new messaging service called 'Anytime'

Something important to note about this new app is its apparent ability to add anyone at all, with no special numbers or tags needed. According to one customer who has taken a survey from Amazon, it appears as though the app is pretty much completed and is called "Anytime by Amazon". Users can also choose to have their messages encrypted so that sensitive data cannot be accessed externally.

As it stands today, there are no shortage of ways for mobile users to chat with their friends, whether it be communicating via SMS or via standalone apps like Facebook Messenger and Snapchat. But Instagram also had an existing user base and promotional links with its parent company Facebook as well, which it could use to grow the service. This year it revealed Chime, which is a conference-oriented communication app for businesses.

Amazon 'Anytime' messenger touted as an all-in-one app