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Lewis Hamilton emergies as record-tying 5th British Grand Prix victor

17 Juillet 2017

Unfortunately for them, they'll have to attempt to do so at Lewis Hamilton's home race when drivers take part in the British Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton won the 2017 British Grand Prix for a record-tying fifth time as Ferrari met with bad luck at the end of the race, helping the Mercedes driver close in considerably on Sebastian Vettel's lead in the points. The Mercedes AMG F1 driver produced a ideal lap at the very end of the qualifying session, with a laptime of 1min 26.600, which was half a second ahead of the rest of the pack.

"It was incredible. Oh my god".

"Some people talk about the championship but it's still way too early and I'm still 60-70 points off Seb, so I am definitely not thinking about that".

"I was very, very fortunate firstly that the team did an exceptional job this weekend", he told reporters after a delay for him to "crowd surf" with his fans in a packed sold out crowd at Silverstone.

"This weekend we've been able to exploit the full performance of our auto, particularly on both cars, more so than any other race so far this year", he said. Ricciardo was also a beneficiary of the Ferrari exploding tyres when he passed Vettel as he got his tyre replaced and also picked up Hulkenberg on the penultimate lap as well.

The result came at the end of a patchy week for Hamilton that saw him come under fire for being the only active driver not to attend F1 Live in London.

His decision to take a mini-break, a week after a spat with Vettel over a collision, was backed by Mercedes boss Toto Wolff.

"I train myself and know what I needed to do to get myself ready". I would not have my poles or my wins.

"It doesn't help me at the time, but I'm sure it looked good but yeah [laughs] I wanted to make it past him; I didn't".

"I'm really, really happy that after all the negativity coming into the weekend, to be able to perform the way I have".

"I would give this race ten out of ten in terms of fun".

"I feel like this is the best I've ever driven".

"Bring it on", he commented.

"Last week I was the hunted and this week the hunter, I love the fight of this sport and today I felt I could really enjoy that".

"I don't think there's anyone particularly to blame", he said.

"I'll just keep trying to maximise and if the others want to crash in front of me they can".

"We are a winning team and we can't change any components of it".

Lewis Hamilton emergies as record-tying 5th British Grand Prix victor