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Trump prods Republican senators to work harder on healthcare reform

17 Juillet 2017

A vote may come as early next week, but McConnell has hinted that if the measure fails Republicans are prepared to work with Democrats in crafting a bipartisan program, which would need 60 votes to advance instead of the 50 the GOP is now seeking using budget reconciliation. A statement from his office had indicated that he would be out this week, but neurosurgeons not involved with McCain's surgery said the recovery period for such a procedure was often longer. Doctors from the Mayo Clinic said the senator's surgery was successful and he is resting comfortably at his home in Arizona. Two major lobbying groups said Friday that it would make coverage unaffordable for those who are sick.

With the Democrats solidly opposed to the legislation, the Republicans can only pass the bill if 50 of 52 members back it and if Republican Vice President Mike Pence casts his tiebreaking vote in favor. Already two of the 52 Republican senators - Kentucky conservative Rand Paul and ME moderate Susan Collins - have said they won't support the bill.

With Democrats united against it, McConnell can not afford to lose more than two Republican senators to win passage.

The new version of the Senate bill to replace Obamacare is chock full of handouts to secure the votes of reluctant Republicans.

"On the Senate side, I would estimate that there about eight to 10 Republican senators who have deep concerns", Ms. Collins said on ABC's "This Week".

McCain, who is now making use of government-provided health care, is expected to vote for a bill that would prevent millions of other people from getting the care that he received. "Tens of millions of people were projected to lose the health coverage they have today under the previous version of the bill, and this version is essentially the same".

McConnell was forced to put off Senate consideration of Obamacare repeal in late June after it became clear that he lacked the support to advance the bill through the Senate.

US Senate Majority Leader Sen.

Look at a corporation like Mylan, the maker of EpiPen, which raked in $480 million in profits a year ago and paid its chairman $97.6 million, all while raising the price of the medication to more than $600 per dose. Specifically, a per capita cap system will undermine states' ability to provide America's neediest children access to vital health care that ensures they have adequate educational and developmental opportunities.

"Too many people would be cut off from the healthcare services they need, and the skimpy health plans and lack of protections for pre-existing health conditions would raise prices for many", she said in a statement.

"We think it is unworkable", said Justine Handelman, top Washington lobbyist for the BlueCross BlueShield Association.

"It could be the biggest political broken promise in many years", said conservative former Sen.

But while the outlook was described as devastating in the long term, two Bay Area health care policy experts advised Californians to take advantage of care and coverage options that will still be available in the short term. Since its creation in 1965, Medicaid has provided open-ended federal funds to help states pay the program's costs. Asked last month about the chances for a quick agreement among Republican senators on a bill, McCain said that "pigs could fly". No Republican senators expressed concern about this, it hasn't been a Democratic criticism of the bill, and nothing about the current interest rate environment suggests it was a substantive problem with the bill.

The Congressional Budget Office had been scheduled to release an analysis Monday on the latest GOP bill, including estimated cost and scope of insurance coverage.

From Alaska to Alabama, people are anxious sick about being able to get insulin for diabetes, blood pressure drugs, and prescriptions for panic attacks, ovarian cysts, lupus, celiac disease, thyroid cancer, hemophilia, and many other conditions.

Trump prods Republican senators to work harder on healthcare reform