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Woah! Will The iPhone 8 Look Like This?

17 Juillet 2017

The bad news is that when Apple reports fiscal third-quarter results on August 1, Huberty expects the technology behemoth to provide a fourth-quarter outlook that is below Wall Street's consensus, because Huberty expects the new iPhone be shipped slightly later than typical, in October rather than September. The companies allegedly won't kick into high gear in terms of production until next month, which is 1-2 months later than usual for a fall iPhone launch. By rendering these files, he was able to create what is likely the most accurate visual of the iPhone 8 new design that we have seen to date. It also means the iPhone 8 will sport a long and large 5.8-inch display with a cutout at the top for the front facing camera and sensors.

But now a reputable Chinese-language business publication cites trusted supply chain sources as alluding to a production start of the "OLED-version next-generation iPhone" postponed until "November-December".

Previous form factors have driven prolonged growth for Apple shares after launch and other analysts aren't considering the supercycle potential for the new iPhone, according to Huberty.

This year there are three different styles of iPhone, namely the 4.7-inch TFT-LCD screen iPhone 7s, the 5.5-inch TFT-LCD screen iPhone 7s Plus, and the iPhone 8, which is equipped with OLED.

The sheer number of stories about the tall, bezel-free OLED display with its integrated home button and Touch ID sensor have rendered these rumours as practically canon.

Usually Apple strikes deals with manufacturers and lets them get on with the process of producing parts and assembling the final product.

Aside from its edgeless OLED display, Apple's iPhone 8 is also rumoured to come with other game-changing features, including an advanced system of 3D lasers on its back.

As far as the legacy and trend of Apple's announcement criteria is concerned throughout the years, September has remained a favourite for the California-based tech-giant. Does Apple rip it out at the last minute to rely on face scanning only? The pictures of the expected iPhone 8 seem to suggest complete elimination of chunky bezels.

Woah! Will The iPhone 8 Look Like This?