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Atari's New Console "Ataribox" Officially Revealed

18 Juillet 2017

Atari sent out an email early Monday morning to fans of the in-development project, complete with the first real look at what the console is going to look like. Hearkening back to the Atari 2600's most iconic feature, it'll even be available in a model that includes wood paneling on the front.

The device will have an HDMI connector, four USB slots and an SD card reader as well as an Ethernet internet connection. Beyond that, we've got nothing; all Atari gives us is that "those ports suggest modern internal specs", and that the console will be delivering both classic and modern gaming content.

As far as release dates, game content, pricing, or more detailed specs, Atari isn't saying much. Both will have different appearances and the other style will scrap the wood panels for a black and red ribbed colour scheme. Atari has a backlog of classic games for this objective, but it is not clear what exactly they mean by "current gaming content". After being teased a little while ago, we finally have some more details as to what exactly Atari has been working on all this time. The company also has its lineup of sports titles it could use, as well as the popular 1983 "Star Wars" and 1990 "Batman" games.

Announced last month, Atari's new Ataribox console was revealed in a newsletter. To kick of nostalgia was stronger Ataribox will be released in two versions: red with black and being a tree.

From the lack of concrete details on the Ataribox, there's not much to go on for the retro and quasi-new console at the moment.

The NES Mini (soon to be followed by Nintendo's SNES Mini) opened the floodgates for a retro-console revival - reworked versions of classic machines with all the mod-cons you'd require to play today.

It's certainly been a bumpy ride for Atari, since they claimed bankruptcy back in 2013 and bought out by Chesnais.

Atari's New Console