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Spoiler on victor of Fatal Five-Way at Battleground

24 Juillet 2017

- Tye Dillinger defeats Aiden English. While Dillinger is staggering, English hits him with a very flashy Full Nelson Flatliner to pick up the win.

The Usos (C) vs.

The New Day created history by becoming the first team to win both Raw and Smackdown titles.

The Usos retain the Smackdown Tag Titles. No matter how much the deck is stacked against him, Big Match John always seems to pull it out.

Somehow, Kingston and Woods are able to kick out of everything the Usos throw at them.

Three title matches were part of the PPV event and both of them lived up to the expectations.

Mr. Money in the Bank may have dug his own grave when he chose to cross paths with The Artist Known as Shinsuke Nakamura. In fact, I could see Charlotte and Becky as the two finalists for this match, similar to their one on one showdown this past week on Smackdown. Lynch then immediately locks it in on Lana for another elimination. That left Natalya and Charlotte to vie for the opportunity.

WWE and Mattel have launched a new product line that will feature the first-ever fashion dolls for feature the first-ever fashion dolls of Nikki and Brie Bella, Sasha Banks, Natalya, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Alicia Fox and Eva Marie.

Owens and Styles were involved in a long tussle for the United States Championships. Owens won by pinning Styles when he countered the crossface. Winner, and NEW United States Champion: Kevin Owens.

John Cena returned to Smackdown Live on the 4th of July holiday episode.

Rusev looked poised to plant the Bulgarian flag into its stand atop the designated podium before Cena intervened. Following the match, Cena proposed to Nikki and she said "Yes". Remember when Rusev came to the ring on a tank at Wrestlemania 31 before fighting Cena? Underhanded tactics have netted Mike his first win, but can he capture another one against the biggest underdog in sports entertainment?

We look forward to seeing what The New Day bring to the table as new and once again champions of their division on SmackDown Live!

- Mike & Maria Kanellis will be in the Social Media Lounge on tonight's Battleground Kickoff pre-show before Mike's match with Sami Zayn. "Beating someone of the caliber of John Cena at an event like Summer Slam would be awesome", the WWE champion said. Khali then grabbed Orton by the throat allowing Mahal to climb out and retain the title.

The Punjabi Prison match plays a lot to Mahal's pro wrestling strengths.

The Punjabi Prison consists of two separate bamboo cages.

With a little extra help from the Singh Bros., Mahal battled past Orton and eventually made it out of the demonic jail as Khali's massive hand enclosed around Orton's neck like a giant vice, refusing to let go.

Spoiler on victor of Fatal Five-Way at Battleground