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Nintendo Sold About 4.7M Switch in first Four Months

26 Juillet 2017

Pokémon GO, which Nintendo has relatively little to do with, and so only takes a small percentage of the profit, still managed to bring in ¥3.3 billion (£22.6 million) for the company. Amiibos are also doing surprisingly well, selling 1.6 million figures and 1.3 million card packs.

The Japanese juggernaut saw net sales rise by 148.6 percent year-over-year to 154.1 billion yen ($1.37 billion), while profits fell by 13.8 percent to 21.3 billion yen ($190.4 million).

It looks as if ARMS could end up soundly surpassing the sales of 1-2-Switch at its current pace.

Nintendo just shared new sales data for the Switch console and its library of games. Of that figure, a large part came from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sales, which was the biggest-selling title of the quarter with 3.54m units worldwide.

Kyoto-based Nintendo reported Wednesday a profit of 21.26 billion yen ($190 million) for the fiscal first quarter, improving from a 24.5 billion yen loss for the three months through June 30 past year. And we can't forget that before then we'll see the release of Super Mario Odyssey. Our smart device and IP related income was 9.0 billion yen (450% increase on a year-on-year basis). When directly compared with Nintendo's previous year earning which was a debacle, this is such a welcome addition to the firm who might get the boost they need and continue innovating their hardware in the following years. Therefore, we know that Switch already has 4.7 million units sold and Nintendo 3DS with 67.08 million pieces displaced. Given that Nintendo is light years away from the infrastructure to support a proper first-party MMO, it's probably the next best thing. Not too surprising, though, considering it was one of the only games at launch.

Nintendo Sold About 4.7M Switch in first Four Months