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West Nile virus strikes AGAIN in one Georgia county

26 Juillet 2017

The Town of Greenwich continues the fight against West Nile Virus by conducting a preemptive larviciding program, which includes the treatment of public and private roadway catch basins, public school ground catch basins and other property owned and operated by the Town as needed.

Mosquitoes can cause big problems for people, pets and livestock. "It's got a nice's not so windy, it's damp, but not too damp".

The last West Nile Virus fatality in Utah occurred in 2016. Of those, 88 people have been hospitalized for the illness and three have died. She says horses require two doses of the vaccination initially, and then boosters at least annually. Once vaccinated, yearly booster shots are necessary. People older than 50 are at higher risk for severe illness from West Nile virus.

That brings to seven, the number of mosquitoes trapped that have tested positive for WNV.

The first positive test for West Nile Virus in MA this year was confirmed on June 29, two days after a sample was collected in Richmond, a town in Berkshire County. Mosquitoes have been pretty stellar as of late.

In addition to common-sense mosquito control and protection measures, the state asks residents to take photos of dead birds and report them to Beaufort County Mosquito Control or the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control.

So far, there are only four human West Nile virus cases reported in Louisiana.

Infected horses may show symptoms of depression, appetite loss, drooping eyelids and lower lip, fever, weakness, twitching, aimless wandering, paralysis and blindness. A widened stance, stumbling, leaning to one side and toe dragging are signs of weaknesses. "That makes it especially important for everyone to do what they can to prevent getting bitten", Tompkins said in a statement.

Residents also need to be involved to protect themselves, he said. The eggs have ample time in the water to go through their evolutionary cycle to become the next generation of adult mosquitoes to feed on the infected birds again. "It's a combination of expense and inconvenience". The project has raised questions about its effectiveness and whether it would work here on diseases like West Nile.

West Nile virus strikes AGAIN in one Georgia county