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Apple Kills Off Older iPods

28 Juillet 2017

Apple's exit from the standalone music player market is therefore unremarkable: disconnected devices relying on desktop apps for music transfer have clearly had their day.

The news of the two portable players' extinction should not come as much of a surprise to consumers, given that listening to on-the-go music is often done via streaming or stored music via smartphones.

32GB iPod Touch Launched, 16GB And 64GB Discontinued
Apple Discontinues their iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano Music Players

Apple removed the products from its online store as it announced the changes in a statement, USA Today reported. The iPod Touch is more current and has the hardware that is still appreciated over its predecessors. But if you're old enough to remember the Apple Is Doomed Days of almost two decades ago, it's still sobering to see a once-significant product fading from view. It is no longer just a simple, singular, music-playing device. For now, Apple seems to be doubling down on the touch, since it's just upped its available storage capacities. Unlike older iPods which still used large and heavy hard drives, the Nano was one of the first iPods to use more modern flash memory, which allowed for the shrinkage in size. Then again, the choices have broadened with folks not necessarily inclined to stick to iOS to playback tunes either for relaxation or fitness endeavors. The iPod Touch remains in the lineup, but at a lower price and with fewer configurations to choose from. But at some point in the future, it may eventually get axed as well - together with the whole product line. That means Apple has completely phased out its iPods that are single-purpose music players. In addition to this, Apple updated the iPod Touch back in 2015, in which it updated the device's camera to 8-megapixel rear facing iSight camera and also incorporated the Apple A8 chip.

Apple Kills Off Older iPods