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Senate Democrats After The Collapse Of Trumpcare: Back To Work

31 Juillet 2017

Griffith said the USA had made "tremendous progress in health care access in just two short years, bringing us closer to other major nations".

Under the BCRA, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), found that it would result in 22 million fewer Americans having health insurance by 2026, whereas under the "repeal only" bill, the CBO found that 32 million fewer Americans would have health insurance by 2026. "I'm glad that members will now take time to hear directly from those they represent and make the case for historic tax reform that we intend to pursue in the fall", Ryan said.

The setback leaves Trump without a major legislative win after more than six months in power, despite Republicans controlling the White House, Senate and House.

The vote last night presents the Senate with an opportunity to start fresh. "Budget reconciliation is killing R's in Senate". It was one thing, seven years ago, to vote to deny people health-care coverage when they didn't have it. But advocates for the poor could challenge any actions like work requirements that they think go beyond what's allowed without changing the law.

If approved, the Trump administration's health care bill would repeal most of the taxes that paid for Obamacare. Going forward look for Trump to pit the GOP establishment against the Democrats, because he is really an Independent and that is really got him elected. In the latest episode, three Republican lawmakers broke with their president and leadership to join Democrats and deliver a dramatic defeat to repeal efforts.

". We as Republicans, especially now, agree on how to do it. Health care is a good example".

Trump tweeted what appeared to be a veiled threat after the Senate vote: "Let ObamaCare implode, then deal".

At the climax of the vote, McCain strode into the chamber's well at 1:29 am, caught the eye of the clerk, raised his right arm, and flashed a thumbs down.

Rep. Blake Farenthold, R-Texas, speaking on a Corpus Christi, Texas, radio show Monday, said it is "absolutely repugnant" that Republican senators aren't following through on campaign promises to repeal Obama's law. An equal or larger amount of credit ought to go to Ms. Collins and Ms. Murkowski, who stood firm despite huge political pressure and, in Ms. Murkowski's case, shameful threats by the Trump administration.

Whether the Republican proposals on Medicaid were wise is, again and of course, something about which people can argue.

It will be hard to get people who have taken hard stands against McConnell's plan or portions of it to change their positions, Roberts said. "For them to skinny back down that tree, that's tough".

Disappointment among Republicans and happiness among Democrats about the repeal's failure were palpable.

"Today's vote will have very real and disastrous consequences for millions of Americans".

The only repeal Bill ever to pass Congress would have left intact some popular ACA insurance rules, such as letting young adults stay on their parents' health plans to age 26. It eliminates the so-called individual mandate that forces many Americans to buy Obamacare insurance they don't want, can't afford, or can't use - and taxes those who don't.

If a senator objects to any of these provisions, the presiding officer could sustain the objection, following the parliamentarian's advice.

Later, as he got into his vehicle to leave the Capitol, McCain was asked, "Why did you vote no?"

He expressed Obama's hope that Republicans and Democrats would work together in the future, after the Senate rejected a Republican-drafted healthcare bill aimed at repealing Obamacare.

Senate Democrats After The Collapse Of Trumpcare: Back To Work