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Astronomers approved more safe solar glasses vendors for eclipse watchers

02 Août 2017

This is the first such eclipse to travel the width of the 99 years, and not until 2024 will another total solar eclipse cross the USA from coast to coast. The UNF Astronomy Club along with the Society of Physics Students and the American Chemical Society are traveling to SC to see the eclipse in its totality.

Some communities are hosting eclipse-watch gatherings that are expected to draw tens of thousands of people.

Northeast Kansas is one of the prime locations for viewing the Total Solar Eclipse.

Here in metro Atlanta area, we will only see a partial solar eclipse.

During a solar eclipse, there is a risk of staring at the sun without the normal protective reflexes of blinking and pupil contractions. Solar eclipse glasses will be provided to owners and their guests upon request. Venues such as Clingman's Dome and the Great Smoky Mountain Railway pre-sold tickets and are filled to capacity. And the total solar eclipse won't even have Beyonce in the halftime show. Many partial solar eclipses have been visible from various places in the country since then, including one that crossed the southern half of the country in 2005.

The eclipse will last less than three minutes, so your window for getting the ideal photo is very small. In June, she attended a preparedness coordinator's meeting in Asheville with Jackie Phillips-Hayes, preparedness coordinator for Wilkes County.

An estimated two-thirds of the USA population lives within one day's drive of the path of the eclipse and the event is being widely used to try to attract tourists. That's right around when many area schools would be letting out.

Britons have to wait much longer as the UK's next total solar eclipse is not until 2090.

"The solar eclipse is such a rare and special event", Hill said.

He says the damage isn't immediately apparent because the light-sensitive cells of the eye will keep working for hours after the injury before finally going kaput.

You may have heard that the Earth is the only planet that experiences eclipses.

NASA has been urging people to buy eclipse glasses from a small group of companies whose products are known to conform to global standards written by Chou and others in the field. Experts suggest that one widely available filter for safe solar viewing is number 14 welder's glass. The filters should be placed at the end of the instrument's lens.

Astronomers approved more safe solar glasses vendors for eclipse watchers