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'Game of Thrones' actor casually reveals 1 character who won't be returning

03 Août 2017

Every week HBO's TWX, -0.46% "Game of Thrones" succeeds in twisting our minds into a giant pretzel as we try to figure out what just happened, which side each player is on, and how it all ties together. The Queen's justice was all about the victor and losers. Emmy and Golden Globe victor Peter Dinklage hadn't yet had his Big Awards Moment, so it had to happen eventually.

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Season 7 of Game of Thrones! It proves once again that there's a threatening meaning behind the commonly used phrase, "A Lannister always pays his debts". He's immediately this season become a fantastic pantomime villain, just missing an ever-twirling moustache; he delights in parading Yara & the surviving Sand Snakes through King's Landing before having an utter ball winding up Jaime about the best way to shag his sister.

Cersei exacts her revenge, taking them both to a dungeon and french-kissing poison into the mouth of Ellaria's last living daughter. She was sorry Joffrey died in such a grotesque way, she faux-lamented. While there is an antidote, the chances of Tyene making it out alive seem incredibly slim. The Tyrell's have a huge gold mine and the Lannister's plan to take it. "Her dragons are not that invulnerable", Cersei says, looking him straight in the eye. "Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me", she says after sipping the poison-laced wine. Her only downfall was thinking that Cersei didn't have it in her to do the things she did. Melisandre insists she will be back one last time, though.

As much as I was anticipating Jon and Dany (Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke) finally meeting on screen, I never would have expected the scene to be as good as it was. This is more of a game of chess than a battle. On the road to Castle Black, they had one of early GOT's characteristic exposition-filled conversations. From there we go to Dragonstone, where Dany laments to Jon Snow and her inner circle that all her allies are gone and she's losing her big war before it's even begun.

Theon helps pull a boat onto shore at what looks like Dragonstone. Let's face it, no one really wins on this show. The man is sinister, but his dialogue is incredibly entertaining. She even agreed to provide the forces to make this happen.

In the books, there's a character that - much like Jorah - is an older, grizzled knight, beset by the failures of his past, determined to right his wrongs and bring a Targaryen ruler back to the throne, who risked his life to save Tyrion and contracts greyscale instead. Meanwhile, Samwell Tarly proved himself successful in his efforts. The Archmaester is proud of Samwell's work but will not reward him because Samwell disobeyed a direct order. As it turns out, his father Tywin put Tyrion in charge of a lowly job - building the city's sewer system - and while he was at it, he built a secret passageway to smuggle in prostitutes. He sent Euron's fleet to destroy the Unsullied ships, and then took most of the Lannister Army on the march.

'Game of Thrones' actor casually reveals 1 character who won't be returning