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God 'Banned' From Upcoming Star Trek Series

03 Août 2017

The premiere of "Star Trek: Discovery" on CBS' subscription streaming service, CBS All Access, was postponed nine months to maintain the quality of the brand. The information comes courtesy of TrekCore, who is in attendance at the event. Contrary to the article in which Entertainment Weekly previewed its cover story on Star Trek: Discovery, apparently "God" is a perfectly fine word for a Terran to say. Written by David Mack, the story is a prequel to Discovery and set in 2255.

EP Akiva Goldsman mentioned that the timeline for this canon will not occur during the "J.J. or the Kurtzman"-verse but in an area where familiar Star Trek characters will intersect".

"Star Trek: Discovery" will, meanwhile, feature its first openly LGBT crew member, a crucial character in the plot - Lieutenant Stamets - played by Anthony Rapp.

On Michael Burnham's relationship to Spock: In answer to a question about Burnham being a half-sister of Spock, Harberts said, "We don't necessarily call her the half-sister". Lifelong Star Wars fan and Trekker who also worships all things Tolkien and Doctor Who.

'I'm also honored to be a part of a piece of work that's part of the cultural pantheon. Now that we know for certain which timeline Star Trek: Discovery takes place in, continuity matters more than ever. I think that that's something that can never be lost in Trek. The film, a continuation of the original Star Trek series episode "The Space Seed", finds longtime Starfleet nemesis Khan Noonien Singh (Ricardo Montalban) alive and well, marooned on a seemingly lifeless planet.

But while the latest movies made substantial changes to the look of the show, Continues strives for authenticity to the original series, with its episodes feeling as if they're straight from the '60s. (Football overruns, as always, may affect the start time.) The premiere and a second episode will be available immediately on CBS All Access. As expected, the series will mingle sci-fi adventure and metaphoric social commentary, while pushing the envelope forward on eye-popping visuals and of-the-moment serialized TV storytelling, all in the name of boldly going where no Trek has gone before. The second chapter will return in January 2018.

God 'Banned' From Upcoming Star Trek Series