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Venezuelan Election Results 'Tampered With' According to Voting Tech Company CEO

03 Août 2017

The Communist Party of Ireland expresses its solidarity with the working people of Venezuela and congratulates them on holding successful elections and on the positive outcome of the election of the Constituent Assembly, despite widespread violence and intimidation by the right-wing opposition.

"The United States condemns the actions of the Maduro dictatorship", Trump said in a statement late Tuesday. Ledezma was still in his pajamas.

Before first light, agents of Sebin, the state security agency, swooped into the houses of two opposition politicians and hauled them off to prison. "A company located outside the country does not guarantee the transparency and credibility of the Venezuelan electoral system", she said. He said Lopez was only forbidden from talking about his own case.

Mugica said the company's automated election system is created to make evident when results are manipulated, but requires auditors to be monitoring.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called the opposition leaders' arrests "very alarming".

Mr Ledezma, a former Caracas mayor, was also detained in 2015 and has been under house arrest.

The opposition, a coalition of disparate parties with no clear overall leader, has become increasingly sidelined and despondent. More than 98% of voters chose to reject the proposed constitutional assembly, request the military defend the existing constitution and support fresh elections before Maduro's term ends in 2019.

Maduro says he does not care. "I think there were 10 million Venezuelans who went out", he said. The problem is, such tough sanctions might hurt ordinary folk more than the fat cats in charge, who control access to dollars.

The United States responded to the vote by imposing sanctions on Mr Maduro.

Venezuela's current 1999 constitution brought sweeping structural reforms sought by Maduro's predecessor, left-wing populist Hugo Chavez, to implement large social programmes.

One of the electoral council directors also said he couldn't guarantee the election's results. "I believe that those who have to check themselves are others". "If a group of dissident Chavistas grows, that provides sort of a third or a middle ground".

The opposition has called a protest in Caracas on Thursday against what it calls the "fraudulent" Constituent Assembly.

The US will hold Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, "personally responsible" for the safety of two opposition leaders, President Donald Trump said in a statement. "Clearly what we want to see is for Venezuela to return to its constitution, return to its scheduled elections, and allow the people of Venezuela to have the voice in their government they deserve", Tillerson told members of the press.

The news came hours after Reuters exclusively reported that only 3.7 million people had voted by 5:30 Sunday's poll, according to internal elections data, compared with 8.1 million people authorities said had voted that day. Reporters on the ground in Caracas said dozens of polling places were nearly deserted Sunday. The newly elected assembly will have almost unlimited powers to install an even more staunchly socialist state. Electoral authorities said more than.

The South American country recently held a controversial vote to re-write the country's constitution which would give President Nicolas Maduro extra powers.

"Legitimate elections are essential to any modern democracy", the company says on its website.

China and oil-rich Venezuela have a close diplomatic and business relationship, especially in energy.

Rubio said other countries in the region are supporting the U.S.'s stance on Venezuela, including Chile, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, and Mexico.

While the US top diplomat cited the Organization of American States as a "coalition partner" in anti-Venezuelan efforts, the regional body's charter explicitly disallows the interventionist measures wielded against Caracas by Washington.

Venezuelan Election Results 'Tampered With' According to Voting Tech Company CEO