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Fresh Game of Thrones trailer teases a major revelation

07 Août 2017

This season of Game of Thrones has already brought us a new addition to that world's song catalog with Ed Sheeran's recent cameo but I'm praying to the Old Gods and the new that this ditty becomes the next big Westerosi hit! Now that Jaime and Cersei's children are gone, Jaime is the only person on earth Cersei actually cares about. And, everything suggests that this will happen in episode 4. But there's little reason for Jaime to escape the fire only to die in water. Season 1 ended with the death of Ned Stark, arguably the show's central character up until that point. The moment we've all been waiting for finally happened: Daenerys Targaryen rode a dragon into battle and had it take down an army.

Since Bronn was the one who intervened when Jaime was about to get himself roasted alive by Drogon, we can guess that the sellsword will also rescue Jaime from drowning. However, it was still an unpleasant sight watching people and animals burn, courtesy of Daenerys. Tyrion clearly still cares about his brother. Both of them have had hard journeys, and hard in their own ways.

Tonight, the show presented in "Spoils of War" arguably one of the most horrific battles to date, one that reminded you that there may not be such a thing as heroes and villains; instead, there are only two sides.

In a stroke of luck, Jaime's right-hand man, Bronn, was able to spear Drogon in the shoulder with the massive bow-and-arrow contraption, forcing him to land and putting Daenerys in danger. In that intense moment, the King of the North tells the broken Greyjoy that he'd spare him only because of how he helped Sansa escape the clutches of late Ramsay Bolton.

However, Dany, Drogon, and Team Dragon now have the knowledge that there is a dragon-harming Scorpion bolt in the hands of the enemies, and thus will likely be much more careful when attacking and/or roaming the skies near King's Landing.

"Oh is that why you're so f-- glum, eh?" Bronn is forced to choose between life and riches. The episode's ambiguous ending has left the internet wondering: is Jaime dead? That was the likely intention behind the "cliffhanger". Later in the episode, Davos asks Jon what he thinks of Daenerys.

"I would hope that it stirs some emotion in you, that this girl who has been through what she's been through and has experienced numerous insane and bad things she's experienced, and come out the other side stronger for it, is finally coming home", said Weiss.

The game is all about the players, after all. Now he has seen that Daenerys (in his mind) is no different, and he will risk everything again to kill the last known heir of Aerys.

Fresh Game of Thrones trailer teases a major revelation