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Son of BJP's Haryana chief arrested for stalking a girl

07 Août 2017

Late on Friday night, the woman was chased and harassed by Vikas Barala, son of Haryana BJP chief Subhash Barala and his friend in a auto for over seven kilometres.

In the press conference, SSP Singhal said that Chandigarh Police is an agency working without any pressure.

Though the BJP leader condemned the incident, he carried on to say girls should not stay out at late night to keep themselves safe.

"There were 2 guys inside the SUV, and they seemed to really be enjoying harassing a lone girl in the middle of the night, judging by how often their vehicle swerved, just enough to scare me that it might hit me", Varnika wrote. They even tried to open the door and enter the auto. Cases of kidnapping and abduction of women have also correspondingly gone up, from 35,565 in 2011 to 59,277 in 2015. Against 24,206 cases of rape registered against women in 2011, the number went up to 36,735 in 2014 and 34,651 in 2015. ' Journalists wanted to ask many more questions, but due to the end of the Singhal press conference, Media Persons Can't ask. BJP sources have ruled out Mr Barala's resignation, which, according to critics, reinforces speculation about cover-up attempts.

In his Facebook post, the officer expressed the apprehension that the accused may go unpunished as they were from influential families, and hoped this would not happen.

Until the police and the government decides to take a stand that is as stringent and bullying as that of the insolent perpetrators themselves and puts an end to this fearless power trip that is so etched in the VIP culture we have all become victims to today, nothing will change. Kundu said, "I have requested all the leaders not to include politics in it". The goons had a very clear intention of abducting her, and she escaped due to her courage and presence of mind, but it was a very close call, and her trauma is unimaginable. "This is dereliction of duty".

And while Opposition parties alleged there was pressure on the police to save Barala, PTI reported Kirron Kher as denying the allegations. "Why are they going out of the way to hush up the matter instead of punishing the guilty?" And the Congress has alleged this was done under pressure from the local BJP leadership.

Surjewala said the police was saying that the footage of CCTV cameras, showing the stalking incident was not available. "Now new things have come out that five out of seven CCTV cameras were non functional". The main matter being discussed among the people is - will the feuding Congress leaders in Haryana for once come together to take up the issue unitedly and exploit the political opportunity to take on the BJP on its tall claims on women safety in the state?

He said the Congress workers will protest across the state tomorrow against the act of state BJP chief's son.

"Why double standards are being adopted by the BJP is a question that the country wants the Prime Minister, BJP President and others to answer", he said.

Son of BJP's Haryana chief arrested for stalking a girl