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Countdown to the next lunar eclipse in Vietnam

08 Août 2017

Eager stargazers are preparing for an early morning on Tuesday in order to view the latest lunar phenomenon.

Unfortunately, for CT, we won't be in the path of totality with this rare event, but you will have the opportunity to see nearly 70% of the sun vanish during the day on August 21st.

Lunar Eclipse 2017: The August moon in seen in a partial lunar eclipse over a ship in Zakynthos island.

But thanks to a attractive piece of astronomical geometry, there's another display to catch: a partial lunar eclipse sweeping across parts of Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia on August 7. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes through the umbral region of the Earth's shadow and becomes imperceptible.

According to NASA and other government-related agencies, the upcoming Monday's total eclipse will have an approximate magnitude of 1.03.

Solar eclipses happen three or four times a year, but total eclipses happen just once every eighteen months. It actually took place while the Western Hemisphere was turned away from the moon and was in the height of day. A penumbral lunar eclipse takes place when the moon moves through the faint, outer part of Earth's shadow. That means on rare occasions the moon is located between the Earth and the sun, blocking incoming light. "If you put them on and you can see something looking around they are not real", Dr. Evelyn Dearing said.

NY isn't one of the 14 states in the path of totality, the period of total eclipse when the sun is completely blocked by the moon.

As the eclipse nears totality, watchers can expect the temperature to drop and the sky to suddenly darken.

"Eclipses occur because the moon gets between the earth and the sun - but the trick is to figure out WHEN will the moon get in the way".

"I think they should postpone classes until Wednesday, that way everyone has a fair opportunity to see it", LeFever said.

If you do plan on viewing the solar eclipse on the 21st, it's important to get a pair of eclipse glasses.

Countdown to the next lunar eclipse in Vietnam