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How To Chat, Share Videos In The App — YouTube Messenger

08 Août 2017

That ends now. YouTube has made a decision to bake messaging directly within the app, allowing users to share videos with friends without leaving the app. All of this happens inside the YouTube app which makes it much easier to share videos that you think your friends might be interested in.

A video will receive no money from advertisements or YouTube Red. In essence, this is a messaging feature integrated within the app. They have conversations and discussions over the shared videos in through other messaging apps. You can also share them as per your convenience.

Sharing videos on the new sharing tab is the same as before. Like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger here also user can create its own contact group. It also offers an option of inviting users to motivate them into using the feature.

The feature will be built into the current "share" button and let users select recipients from their phones' contact lists.

The ability to allowing users to chat is not an entirely new concept for YouTube.

This is now the challenge that YouTube is facing with this new feature, as pointed out by Engadget. This allows users to share videos with their contacts. Broadcast messaging up to 30 people is supported too.

Rest assured that you can still easily copy the link to a video, or share it to other apps like Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail, if you prefer.

It's not just policy specialists carrying out this work either; machine learning has increasingly been used to identify and remove extremist videos on YouTube before human viewers flag up content. Now you and your friend can discuss about the video, share it, all within the YouTube app.

YouTube has been receiving a lot of updates over the past few months where the company has added a bunch of new features. Now that YouTube has noted videos that can make money off of advertisements and which aren't eligible, creators will probably be looking to find a flawless mix of potential virality and advertiser appeal.

The company says that it has been testing the new feature since a year ago and after making improvements and adjustments on the basis of user feedback, it is finally ready to roll out this feature to users globally.

How To Chat, Share Videos In The App — YouTube Messenger