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Partial Lunar Eclipse to be Visible from All Places of India

08 Août 2017

Solar eclipses always follow lunar eclipses, usually about two weeks later. NASA will be basing its national broadcast of the eclipse at the College of Charleston's Rivers Green behind the Addlestone Library. "Over the course of a day, the sun actually moves eastward by 1 deg because of our orbit around the sun; the moon moves 12 degrees because of its orbit around us".

"Even very dark ones are not safe for looking directly at the sun; they transmit many thousands of times too much sunlight", AAS says.

Finally, as a July 23 article in Newsmax points out, don't assume that you can hop in your vehicle and travel to wherever you want to view the eclipse.

Even with something this unbelievable, the eclipse can be risky to watch. The simplest way is to buy a pair of solar viewing glasses. Gates open at 9 a.m. See the alternatives here.

Only a small fraction of the moon will come under the Earth's shadow at maximum eclipse.

Yesterday's phenomenon was a partial eclipse - meaning only part of the moon passed through the Earth's shadow. If you miss this one, you'll have to wait seven more years (until April 2024) before another partial solar eclipse will be seen in our region.

Unfortunately, for CT, we won't be in the path of totality with this rare event, but you will have the opportunity to see nearly 70% of the sun vanish during the day on August 21st. It's the first time in 99 years that such an event has hit the United States. The partial eclipse will begin at 10.55 PM on August 7 and end 47 minutes after midnight. Many people are referring to it as The All-American Eclipse because no other country will get to see this total eclipse. If you look at the eclipse without the glasses, you could get "eclipse blindness" or retinal burn.

Now, you might not think Nibiru is real, seeing as it's never been observed by scientists and is basically just a weird fantasy dreamed up by online nutjobs.

If you're in the Myrtle Beach area, totality will be in Georgetown, so you'll need to hop on Highway 17 or Highway 701.

Partial Lunar Eclipse to be Visible from All Places of India