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Rihanna Is Boobylicious, Bedazzled, & Blue-Haired In Barbados!

08 Août 2017

Chris Brown was spotted leaving a comment underneath one of Rihanna's recent selfies and people are not happy. "Move over. Schnnaaaaccckk!" while another follower said: "Pls keep your negative energy away from Rihanna @chrisbrownofficial".

A fan cautioned "avoid her".

Rihanna and Chris Brown have a long history.we all know that.

While one fan stated: "Can Riri thrive in peace".

Austin makes all individual orders herself, a team at her studio in Barbados mass produces festival costumes.

The 29-year-old recently made headlines for her eye-popping dress at a premiere of the movie.

There was much anticipation as Rihanna's team picked up the options the next day, Bleu wondering all weekend "is she going to wear them?" Their relationship may have ended eight years ago, but he still has the hots for her. The look might be her most extravagant yet.

An insider told Hollywood Life the alleged reason why the songstress left her boyfriend behind when she attended the festival.

She proceeded with: "Possibly I'm one of those individuals worked to deal with s**t like this".

They have a complex history to say the least. I was very protective of him.

Rihanna clarified: "Even after ..."

The fan account captioned the video: "Everybody who calling rob too fat, [Melissa] telling you what to do in this video K!"

Rihanna is reportedly dating a wealthy Saudi businessman, Hassan Jameel.

Rihanna Is Boobylicious, Bedazzled, & Blue-Haired In Barbados!