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There was a long-awaited Game of Thrones reunion and fans were delighted

08 Août 2017

Let's take a look at some highs and lows from "The Spoils of War".

Brienne of Tarth has always been one of the best warriors on "Game of Thrones", but she has some stiff competition from Arya Stark.

For the first time in generations, a dragon comes to the battlefield in Westeros and proves to be effective against a highly trained army.

The scene concludes with Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who spoke about this sequence separately here) charging at Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) in a desperate attempt to end the war with one bold - and foolish - move.

"Sansa doesn't really know much about where Arya's gone or what she's done since they last saw each other", he says.

Sure, the show has dragons and ice zombies, but in some ways it's the most "real" thing I watch all week. Aside from the scene in which Drogon teaches us how to make toast, the best part of Episode 4, "The Spoils of War", was the clear deployment of Benioff & Weiss's DISGUSTING senses of humor. The huge bolt doesn't kill it though. Being the Mother of Dragons, Dany dismounts and tries to take the arrow out of her scaly child. From afar, Jaime Lannister sees this and thinks this is his opportunity to end Daenerys. (I am not sorry; what kind of miscreant has a garden party during Game of Thrones?) As the first show of Dany's army's strength that Jaime was around to witness, it simply have not been more devastating.

The guy who tackles Jaime is riding a white horse. He doesn't look like he's in plate armor like Dickon - he's wearing a tunic. Since then, Daenerys has lost all of her major allies in Westeros as the Sand Snakes, the Greyjoy siblings, and the Tyrells all fall to the Lannisters. But with the lives of Jaime - a complicated but beloved character - and Bronn (Jerome Flynn) - a true fan favorite - on the line, it became impossible to root for Daenerys to succeed, even after Bronn injured Drogon during battle.

Olenna's final words to Jaime were an wonderful way for the character to go out but the best thing about them was the implied effect they would have on the rest of the series. While the fate of Jaime and the others is up in the air, most of the Lannister and Tarly forces were wiped out in the battle.

But it was Sansa's reaction to Arya's list that was key, at least: She laughed at the mention of Arya's list of people to kill. Bran has returned and Littlefinger has handed him the Valyrian Steel dagger which was originally sent out to slice the young Stark boy's neck as he lay in bed. As the sisters sit with Bran, he hands over the dagger to Arya which was given to him earlier.

While she granted the King in the North's request to mine Dragonstone for obsidian, which can produce valerian weapons - one of the only weapons that can defeat white walkers - she hasn't yet said she would join his fight.

That didn't seem to throw Jaime off, though, as he charged at Daenerys in the episode's final moments while she tried to help Drogon, who had been grounded by a large spear. Jon sees Theon for the first time in quite a while, and immediately grabs him by the throat.

There was a long-awaited Game of Thrones reunion and fans were delighted