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United Kingdom viewers slam Princess Diana documentary as 'cheap' and 'demeaning'

08 Août 2017

Critics say its nothing but exploitation.

FANS have boycotted tonight's explosive new documentary about Princess Diana branding it "poor taste" and an "invasion of privacy".

On the tapes, Diana can be heard speaking openly about her engagement and marriage to Prince Charles including personal details of the couple's sex life.

The cameraman, believed to now be living in the U.S., says he was paid £5,000 ($6,500) for his work and was put in touch with Diana by documentary maker Desmond Wilcox.

"I went to the top lady, and I was sobbing, and I said what do I do?"

And in the weeks leading up to her death, she spent a lot of time with Dodi Fayed, the son of Harrods owner Mohamed Al-Fayed, who died with her when their auto crashed in a Paris tunnel on August 31 in 1997.

"The word that has been used is that this is ghoulish... but no one could see this and say the content is ghoulish".

New revelations reveal how the princess had caught her husband Charles making love on the phone with Camilla Parker-Bowles.

The tapes have been broadcast before - by United States network NBC in 2004.

She asked the Queen for help but was told to solve her own problems.

Writing in the Daily Mail, Jan Moir said she thinks Diana would have approved of the tapes being aired and that they show her in a "golden light".

Apparently, the Princess of the People wanted her older son, William to take the throne after the Queen's passing.

Diana accepted that call to duty with aplomb and, following her fairy-tale wedding, became a beloved icon known as the "People's Princess", leaving an extensive legacy of charity work.

"She realized there was no chance of reconciliation", he said. “There was only one direction and that was divorce.”.

The controversial tapes had been criticised by some of Diana's close friends ahead of its television debut. However, one can not deny that the previously unseen tapes in United Kingdom reveal a lot more about the late princess with accounts and insights that dwell more on her as a person than ever seen before.

But that's exactly what Princess Diana was forced to do in 1995 after she separated from Prince Charles.

The videotapes have had a twisting journey to public view.

The 20 recordings were uncovered by Scotland Yard when officers raided former royal butler Paul Burrell's flat in January 2001.

Princess Diana revealed that she once caught Prince Charles "talking dirty" with Camilla as he sat on the toilet. The royal family, whose stoic reserve suddenly seemed out of touch, has since softened its stiff upper lip.

“They are picking up exactly where their mother left off, ” Wharfe said. Filled with trepidation at joining the royal family?

United Kingdom viewers slam Princess Diana documentary as 'cheap' and 'demeaning'