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Can you see the August solar eclipse in the UK?

09 Août 2017

If you're outside that path, you will need to keep your solar eclipse glasses or other viewing aids on the entire time. It may be another 99 years until we see another eclipse like this one. "If the weather clears up then our staff will set up the telescopes", N.Rathnashree, director of the Nehru Planetarium, said.

From Kokomo, the moon will first start to cover the sun at 1 p.m. The eclipse will end at 3:50 p.m.

On the other hand, a total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon's visible diameter is larger than the width of the Sun, that may lead to blocking all direct sunlight.

Here's a brief recap on what a solar eclipse is: A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes in between Earth and the sun; the moon blocks out the sun's surface.

To say people are excited about this month's total solar eclipse would be an understatement.

To make sure you're protected, here is a list of approved manufacturers of eclipse glasses. This interactive eclipse map (link is external) will show you times for the partial and total eclipse anywhere in the world.

If you miss out this upcoming solar eclipse, don't worry -the next one that will fly over the United States happens in 2024.

Although some parts of the country will see a total eclipse of the sun, New England will have a partial eclipse.

-The eclipse will be Monday, Aug. 21. Due to the monsoon clouds, the eclipse might not appear to be very clear in the northern parts of India, particularly Delhi. Winds will also lighten while the eclipse is happening.

"The eclipse is coming to Columbia, Missouri, we are nearly dead center in the middle of the path", said Jonathan Sessions, owner of Gravity, an Apple-authorized service provider business.

Experts recommend ISO-certified solar eclipse glasses, which are available at local retailers.

The important thing is not to look directly at the eclipse. If you normally wear eyeglasses, put the eclipse glasses over them or your hand-held viewer in front of them.

Also for those wanting to take a closer look, make sure the binoculars have solar filters on them.

Can you see the August solar eclipse in the UK?