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NYC proposes "millionaires tax" to help fix subway woes

09 Août 2017

The mayor's proposed plan would raise income taxes from 3.87% to 4.41% for NY individuals earning more than $500,000 and couples earning more than $1 million.

"When the rest of us get on subways and buses to go to work, the folks who own those companies do well".

De Blasio made the announcement for the proposal Monday at Borough Hall.

About 32,000 New York City residents would fall into the category. "It means about seven dollars per day". "It is time for an open airing of what has led to these issues and what we are going to do to solve them".

De Blasio, a Democrat who has seen a tumbling approval rating since May, is proposing a tax on the wealthy to help fund rail repairs, and low-priced bus and train rides.

The funding push comes as NY transit faces a multitude of problems, from overcrowding, aging infrastructure, accidents and delays.

On Monday, the mayor said he wanted to raise taxes on the richest New Yorkers and use the money to upgrade the signaling system, buy new subway cars and give half-price MetroCards to the poor.

Fundamentally, the state Legislature is the only entity that has the legal authority to raise the taxes and fees necessary to generate the revenues our public transit system will need over the long term. "This would be the first millionaires' tax in MTA history - and it's about time". But a more comprehensive, more realistic long-term funding strategy is needed. "But there is also no doubt that we can not wait to address the current crisis". New York City already provides $1.6 billion each year in operational support for subways and buses.

And TWU Local 100, the Cuomo-allied transit workers union that negotiates with the governor for their union contract, accused the mayor of "delaying efforts to fix the NYC subway".

City and state officials have come under increasing pressure in recent months to fix New York City's subway system, which is more than 100 years old and strained by increasing ridership and years of underinvestment in repairs and maintenance.

RedTube's double entendre-filled letter boasts that numerous site's 20 million daily users live in New York City.

The often frosty relationship between de Blasio and the Senate's Republican leaders won't help.

"We're taking a model that had a lot of support in 2013 and applying it to a crisis moment, which I think adds urgency and intensity to the fact that there has to be a response from Albany", de Blasio said.

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