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Taylor Swift uses photo in sexual assault Lawsuit

09 Août 2017

And her annoyance was evident when Mueller accused Swift's security of being disrespectful and dismissive to Melcher, and especially when he rationalized his deposition description of Swift as "cold and standoffish" by pointing out that she hadn't invited him into the picture with his girlfriend.

Mueller testified on the witness stand, claiming he lost his job, reputation and close to $200,000 (AUS) which was his salary over a two-year contract with a country radio station in Denver.

Fans wait in line to attend the civil case for Taylor Swift vs David Mueller.

Taylor's camp, however, said he "grabbed her rear end". "Any woman - rich, poor, famous or not - is entitled to not have that happen". So many women and girls, including myself, have been subjected to this level of sexual assault and it's about time the perpetrators faced the consequences of their actions.

By 10 a.m., Mueller had taken the stand and was being questioned by his own attorney.

Swift alleges he groped her before her concert in Denver in June 2013 during a photoshoot at a meet-and-greet with Mueller and his girlfriend.

She claimed he slipped his hand under her dress and grabbed her bare bottom as they posed.

About two dozen fans were in the courtroom, where Swift occasionally whispered to her mother and jotted down notes to her lawyers.

Swift and Mueller are both smiling in the picture. He was sacked the next day on the basis he had violated a "morals clause", according to Mr McFarland. Swift, however, did not specifically request that Mueller be fired.

His evidence comes as part of a duel lawsuit filed by Mueller and Swift. According to Mueller, Swift's accusations are untrue and she made them up in effort to get him fired from his job.

Baldridge explains why perhaps the Swift team didn't want to get the police involved in the alleged groping, saying that making the allegation would put everything in the public spotlight. She says she is only seeking $1. Mueller says he was looking ahead at the camera the entire time while he and Swift were "jostling" arms.

Mueller was also accused of destroying evidence, including recorded conversations between himself and his KYGO bosses.

Mueller's boss said the DJ told him during an internal investigation that any contact during the photo op was incidental or accidental.

As Mueller described his career history in detail, starting from high school graduation, one teen stared at her hand, slowly moving each finger.

Also damning? In July, a judge sanctioned Mueller based on some particularly questionable behavior following the incident.

Mueller, wearing a smoke grey jacket and a white shirt, sat in court with his back to Swift and her mother, Andrea Swift.

"David Mueller unequivocally denies he touched her inappropriately in anyway", Mr McFarland said as his client looked on in court.

Swift and Mueller met on 2 June 2013 when Swift was touring to promote her album RED.

Mueller also testified that he felt "invisible" after concluding that Swift wasn't paying him professional respect during the one-minute meeting backstage.

Baldridge will continue cross examining Mueller on Wednesday.

Taylor Swift uses photo in sexual assault Lawsuit