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'Game of Thrones' season 7 behind-the-scenes: Dany's Mad Queen side

10 Août 2017

"The Spoils Of War" was one of the most powerful (and expensive) episodes of television in history, and viewers can definitely feel the stakes ratcheting upwards as we barrel towards the conclusion like Jaime barreled toward Drogon and Dany.

If you're still with us, you'll want to see HBO's newly released batch of preview photos for season seven's fifth episode, the title of which has been revealed to be "Eastwatch".

Fans were thrilled after the fourth episode, some of them saying that "Today's episode of 'Game of Thrones" was so hot. What's he scheming? Daenerys' interrogation of the shifty spymaster in episode one looms larger now-perhaps she was right not to trust him. The last we saw Grey Worm, he was standing on the ramparts of Casterly Rock watching their fleet get destroyed. In the battle, we see the full potential of what a fire breathing dragon can inflict upon an enemy.

Dany doesn't look happy one bit. Jaime made a bold run at Daenerys while she was trying to pull out the sword from her injured dragon. That point of view was important, but I wanted to keep it focused more on what it was like to be on the receiving end of that fire and blood.

After a brief glimpse of Cersei, who is determined as ever to win, we see Jon Snow in the Dragonstone War Room with Danerys and co. The paintings and carvings on the wall also back up Jon's claim that the White Walkers are real. I was just terrified me. The Mad King might have been his father ... and that would make Daenerys and Jon brother and sister. But we can at least also look forward to the return of Sam and Gilly at Oldtown, poring over more papers that, like Sam's discovery of the dragonglass under Daenerys's castle, might hold the key to saving the realm.

In Episode 4, Daenerys was looking to get the steamy deets from Missandei on Grey Worm's knowledge of the, uh, "south" when Jon suddenly appears.

The pictures depict the Battle of the Dawn, a battle referenced in George R.R. Martin's books in which various forces join forces to defeat the White Walkers. I know they're walking, but still.

'Game of Thrones' season 7 behind-the-scenes: Dany's Mad Queen side