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Strong Investor Interest Reported in Tesla's $1.5 Billion Bond Issue

10 Août 2017

The upgrade presents Tesla with a big problem, however: the automaker has long held that every auto produced since last October is equipped with the proper hardware for Level 5 self-driving once the Autopilot software catches up through a series of over-the-air (OTA) updates.

The Model 3 is the newest EV from Tesla and it is also the biggest volume electric auto around if you are to take in the 400,000 strong that has placed a pre-order on the vehicle.

The California automaker has its hands full launching the Model 3, a long anticipated compact electric vehicle that Tesla is expected to retail for around $35,000.

Every HW 2.0 or later auto should still have the foundations for self-driving functionality, in other words. Level 5 would suggest the vehicle is able to handle any situation on the road without human involvement. The hardware upgrade will also add functionality for Model 3's driver-facing camera. The tech would allow the transport trucks to move in convoy formation with a lead vehicle providing guidance for autonomous follow trucks, according to emails discovered by Reuters in which Tesla discusses the work with the Nevada DMV. So here's the preposition - Tesla is hoping its new Model 3, launched in July as its least pricey auto, would propel it towards profitable, high-volume vehicle manufacturing.

The technique, which is called retrofitting, makes things a little complicated for Tesla as it would have to fit hardware upgrades on already sold vehicles instead of the ones that are now in the production stage.

The 31-year-old actress has taken to Instagram to confirm her split from billionaire boyfriend Elon, and has asked her fans to give the pair "privacy" whilst they get through a "very hard time" in their lives. Due to competition from manufacturers, the world's battery capacity could more than double by 2021, reaching 278 gigawatt-hours (GWh) per year, compared to 103 GWh Recent study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Tesla is issuing both hardware and software upgrades to its vehicles.

To handle the data from all those sensors, Tesla also updated Autopilot's brain. That means it's a auto capable of driving in any road or weather condition without any human intervention. As the report highlights, Tesla has been working on the development of a new supercomputing hardware suite which will help Tesla achieving its goal of introducing full automation to the automobile seat.

Strong Investor Interest Reported in Tesla's $1.5 Billion Bond Issue