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Australian Prime Minister: Same-Sex Marriage Could Be Legalized Before Year's End

11 Août 2017

The challenge was announced on Wednesday by long-time LGBTI advocate, Rodney Croome, based on legal advice from QC Ron Merkel that the government has no power to order the Australian Bureau of Statistics to conduct the survey and appropriate $122m to conduct it.

"Obviously I will be voting no, but in the end this is not about the politicians, this is about the people, it's about your view", News Corp's reports.

More than 250,000 young people, the cohort that is most in favour of same-sex marriage, are not on the electoral roll, and more still have probably never sent a letter through Australia Post.

Australia's first plebiscite in 1916 - on military conscription - cost taxpayers £81,113, or roughly $162 million in current dollars.

I am happy to have a separate debate about the issues in adoption and as a country we need to discuss the raft of issues that adoptees face nationally and internationally (marginalization and other inequalities) but that is a different issue and it spans all aspiring families who wish to adopt (irrespective of their sexual preference)!

The government on Tuesday endorsed the party decision to ask the Senate this week to reconsider allowing the plebiscite, which would be held November 25. "It is a policy that will fail again", it tweeted.

Australians are set to vote on gay marriage through a non-binding ballot by mail next month after the Senate on Wednesday thwarted the government's preferred option for gauging public opinion before legislating the issue.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the "mystery of breaking bread together" and sharing meals was at the heart of all faiths.

Rights advocates see the plebiscite as both a delaying tactic forced by a hard right-wing minority and a strategy to undermine political support.

There would be no publicly funded "yes" and "no" campaigns.

"It promotes a diverse and rich society in which to thrive, where people feel included, where everyone belongs and where we can love each other a little more".

Treasurer Scott Morrison defended the $122 million price tag of the postal ballot, insisting "keeping promises is money well spent". Responses would be voluntary and therefore less indicative of public opinion. "It's an important question", Turnbull said. We would know the result, whether voluntary or compulsory, on November 25.

Christine has been very open about the fact that as a gay Liberal Councillor, her party's (not to mention her brother's) approach to her human rights has been very, very tough.

Sheldon handed the petition to Sen.

Penny Wong has represented South Australian in the Senate since 2002 and is the current Leader of the Opposition in the Senate.

Mr Abbott, who played a pivotal role in defeating the republic referendum in 1999, has claimed same-sex marriage was political correctness which would impinge on freedom of speech and religious freedom.

Australian Prime Minister: Same-Sex Marriage Could Be Legalized Before Year's End